The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks – Top 8: “Simple Man”

The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks – Top 8: “Simple Man”

Sawyer Fredericks makes his bid for the Top 6, singing Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.”
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The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks – Top 8: “Simple Man”

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20 Responses

  1. Susan McGrath says:

    just love him because he is so simple

  2. Brynn Oosthuis says:

    I am listening to Milky chance – Stolen Dance. I think it is a good choice
    for top 6 :)))

  3. MARY HILLMAN says:

    He stole my 75 year old heart with A Man of Constant Sorry. Then his
    appreciation of Creedence kind of locked things in. It is fortunate that I
    can recognize the best when I hear it.

  4. dopemelody says:

    Good lord. 

  5. tina jones says:

    I love this kid. He will be a big star and I cant wait to see him in

  6. Nita S. Ingham says:

    He is so unforgettable, unlike a lot of the others…he has such a presence
    about him, and that voice shines through. A legend in the making. Fun to
    watch it.

  7. Bonnie Bon says:

    This boy is unique! A lot of people gravitate to him from different genres
    who don’t listen to this kind of music, but he managed to make me love it!
    This boy is re Incarnation of an old soul.The lyrics are jus massive and
    Pharrell is doing a fine job coaching him.He is a spirit to be respected!
    wow KUDOS Love from Africa

  8. Bedford girl says:

    loved this Sawyer. I personally could have done without some of the back up
    singers. displaying more Sawyer. Just when the back up singers chime in
    they are a bit overwhelming.

  9. Sean Foong says:

    when he gives that angry face it looks as if his soul came out… lol scary

  10. Gill Benicio says:

    Sawyer you’re already the voice. For decades, the world hears nothing as
    his voice.
    There you are the winner not only of The Voice but the music that has soul.
    Congratulations. I’m from Brazil, Sao Paulo, and I love you boy.

  11. Oscar Diolata says:

    Sawyer Fredericks is shamelessly ruthless in this performance. In my
    opinion he is flawless in his phrasing, intonation and delivering the
    nuances of the song. He is very powerful in this regard of his performances
    aside from the beauty of his vocals. He’s 16 years old and he’s god. And he
    knows it.

  12. talia841951 says:

    Seems so clear to me who the top 6 should be. Corey and Hannah need to go
    home. They should have gone home before Mia Z and Rob. Something tells me
    I’m not gonna get my top six though. I think we’re gonna get a ridiculous,
    unfair results show.

  13. Ancutza Cozma says:

    team Pharel for me !!!!! the best !!!

  14. Susie Aboulhosn says:

    This kid is awesome…16 years old

  15. musiclover says:

    I don’t really like him ,IMO he is just the same as always nothing more
    than just a good voice ! i wnat something that it would give gusebumbs like
    Kimberly’s performances …

  16. Sinneration Yeah says:

    Has to be the best performance so far this season imo.

  17. jm Petersen says:

    Rock on, Sawyer. Ronnie Van Zant was rockin’ in heaven last night. 

  18. Greenteajuicy says:

    <3 <3 <3

  19. pjltr112490 says:

    I hate the people that say he is boring and one dimensional and “hasn’t
    stepped out of his comfort zone”. Why would he?! He’s one of the only
    artists who has stayed completely true to himself. He’s an old soul, this
    is the type of music that speaks to him. Let him do what he wants. And not
    to mention, he didn’t even voluntarily try out for The Voice. The Voice
    found him and asked him to come. He was perfectly happy just singing his
    own songs and not getting caught up in all this commercialized madness, so
    give the kid a break! He’s one of the most uniquely talented artists that I
    have heard in a long long time. 

  20. Chris Dee Martin says:

    Here is the Voice Season Winner!!! Raw talent can not be denied. Yes,
    everyone else is insanely talented, but this is the guy who will win. Like
    Christina said, his talent cannot be taught. The coaches all know Sawyer is
    the mega threat. Just love this kid and don’t let that shy persona fool
    you. He knows exactly what he’s doing. An old soul for sure. Can’t get
    And for all you haters, look who has the most Youtube hits…….Sawyer!!