The Voice 2016 Alisan Porter – Live Playoffs: “Cry Baby”

The Voice 2016 Alisan Porter – Live Playoffs: “Cry Baby”

The former child star brings the house down with her cover of the Janis Joplin song.
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The Voice 2016 Alisan Porter – Live Playoffs: “Cry Baby”

The Voice

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20 Responses

  1. Lisa Conrad says:

    Omg if she doesn’t win I’m moving out of America!! We need to get it right
    this time!!

  2. vinicius caixeta says:


  3. joe smith says:

    great voice , don’t like the song choice, needs to sing
    ballots too win sorry alisan

  4. Arty Munoz says:

    I wonder if she farted when she did all those power notes

  5. Ashley Snell says:

    I couldn’t wait for this performance! She made a video of herself singing
    this song a while ago – I was HOPING she would sing it on The Voice!

  6. Artur Araujo says:

    certainty she will Win it

  7. djokonly says:

    Done!!! Let’s get our pj’s and tuck ourselves in bed and sleep! Congrats
    Team XTina!

  8. I love to make music says:

    Who else thinks she should win?

  9. Edu Kunto says:

    nice ….

  10. Maisie K says:

    And the winner of the voice season 10 is…

  11. The Gentleman Cave says:

    team christina will win this season ..she has some of great great great

  12. aida behnam says:

    she is so good and with her experience on stage as we see she has… she is
    gonna be epic maybe be a winner

  13. Kurt S says:

    Team Christina is absolutely talented. They should change the rules because
    none of Christina’s team members deserve to go home this week.

  14. Drop Dead says:

    she is definitely a huge voice but to my ears that performance was too
    much… of course i am not musician and i can t judge her but i thought
    that she was screaming…

  15. Sperohh Jamess says:

    She KILLED it. Such a fan. Her accuracy is otherworldly.

  16. stacy kettel says:


  17. RyanHolmes says:

    congrats on the new baby sharon!

  18. André Queiroz says:

    Wow she really stepped up this performance… great one.

  19. kevinsmak says:

    That point when the contestant gets better than the judges…

  20. hannahzlife says:

    Anyone else think Christina ain’t recognizable with that hair?