The Voice 2016 Billy Gilman – Top 10: “Anyway”

The Voice 2016 Billy Gilman – Top 10: “Anyway”

Billy Gilman takes the stage with an inspiring rendition of Martina McBride’s “Anyway.”
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The Voice 2016 Billy Gilman – Top 10: “Anyway”

The Voice

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20 Responses

  1. Emma Cathryn says:


  2. Cory Morris says:

    Had to stop doing my Hw just to watch Billy he could hold a note

  3. cruiserxt xD says:

    I miss Belle ?

  4. carter filez says:

    All i heard from him is great vocals… no passion or connection to his
    songs ever….

  5. Ivan Z says:

    I can’t sense the raw emotion 🙁
    Guess it’s just not my type of music.
    Good for Billy though, he seems to have a lot of fans.
    I’ll stick with Christian :))

  6. shan young says:

    Cryin still my fav… bout to go get my fix right now…

  7. WindchargerPrime says:

    is this the same Billy Gilman that gave us One Voice?

  8. Alvin John Agulto says:

    Don’t shoot me, but I think he’s back to being shouty again. I get why he’s
    singing this song: no matter who they are and what are they, love them
    anyway. But the best Billy is last week’s Billy.

  9. Peny Nguyen says:

    If you are a Billy Gilman fan, you can really help him out by downloading
    his song Anyway on itunes if you can. The top 10 on itunes gets a 5x bonus
    to add to the total cumulative vote counts when the contestant gets to the
    finale. Billy is currently #6 now, which is great, but there is a lot of
    competition tonight from other contestants and Billy is not the highest
    ranked. He also missed Top 10 last week by a hair. Let’s get him higher on
    the chart by noon ET tomorrow.

  10. Wanoya Tangbawan says:

    He’s getting better and his control is perfect…

  11. Sarah Howard says:

    Beautiful voice ❤️✌?️

  12. M C G says:

    wowww! ..Billy go Billy!…

  13. Mary Ann Yumul says:

    The best…

  14. Sandra Melany says:

    The best!! Billy Gilman <3

  15. Rheimond Florentino says:

    download on itunes billy gilman-anyway

  16. Royco Al Bico says:

    if I’m not mistaken, he held the last note for about 16 seconds, the
    longest high note ever hit on a singing contest that I’ve heard..

  17. Moon Watcher says:

    WOW, I came at the last note…haha …or this performance is probably how
    Billy says: “Watch me and fxck ya all haters!!!” LOL …I think I gonna
    have to replay this all day!

  18. Anand Julian says:


  19. Rodrigo Pessoa says:

    Yep, he got this… 16 seconds holding that last note. Thats pro stuff.

  20. coversinger96 says:

    I don’t know why I don’t like his singing :/. I feel bad because everyone
    loves him :D