The Voice 2016 Knockout – Brian Nhira: “Grenade”

The Voice 2016 Knockout – Brian Nhira: “Grenade”

The artist puts his own spin on the Bruno Mars hit with help from key advisor Miley Cyrus and Coach Adam Levine.
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The Voice 2016 Knockout – Brian Nhira: “Grenade”

The Voice

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20 Responses

  1. Larry Macoy says:

    I was a bit disappointed with his performance tonight. He was one of my
    favorite but I just don’t know what happened tonight.

  2. Soko Shoko says:

    sounds just like bruno mars.Perfect.

  3. Brian Liu says:

    What was Adam wearing?

  4. Anton K says:

    I bet I can quack better than him.

  5. Alex McNamee says:

    Brian just seems to get better and better. He was very under the radar at
    the beginning, but some of the runs and techniques here were exceptional.
    His control over the melody was very nice indeed! I do think the middle of
    the performance could’ve been more dynamic, more “punchy”, but it was
    pretty much flawless apart from that, leaving Brian with a very positive
    outlook onto the next round.

  6. Zhaoyi Lin says:

    dang, credits to Pharrell letting Brian Nhira to Adam and kept Abby Celso
    because he wanted both to advance during the Battle Rounds.

  7. OFFICIAL HK⚡ says:

    Gave me goosebumps

  8. Janus L says:

    One Top expect.
    His voice is fantastic!
    like bruno

  9. dylan sousa says:

    Brian did very good job

  10. Paula Tasso says:

    He’s so good!! Go Brian!!

  11. Gavrie Zuber says:

    Wait I thought he was on Pharrel’s team?

  12. Ed Leung says:

    you have no idea how hard it is to sing that ‘grenade’ at 1:16.

  13. alextop30 says:

    Wow may I venture to say it is a bit better than the original!

  14. MissPandora says:

    Cant stop listening. Somehow triggers something inside me.

  15. Hezekiah Pabico says:

    He was good. But I always cringe everytime I hear someone trying to
    replicate Bruno Mars in his songs.

  16. GUILBERT Goncalves says:

    pepe e nenem

  17. MrHenribra says:

    Canta muitoooooo PQP !

  18. Kathy Mckay says:

    wow! i never knew he got those pipes. Thumbs up man!

  19. 趙珮岑 says:

    what a song!

  20. hililala321 says:

    Elliott Yamin’s Wait for you will be a good song for him.