The Walking Dead Season 11 Official Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 11 Official Trailer

The Walking Dead returns August 22 on AMC. Stream it August 15 on AMC+.

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The Walking Dead Season 11 Official Trailer


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56 Responses

  1. Dom_ Bak0531 says:

    This looks fucking insane!

  2. K Lu says:

    Mixed emotions…

    Sad it’s the final season.. but excited to see how the story ends!

    • mike amber says:

      @No The comics are only undoubtedly better than seasons 7 and 8. The other seasons (1-6 and 9-10) have aspects that are better than the comics, and aspects that are worse.

    • EQOAnostalgia says:

      I can’t even believe people kept watching this hot garbage for 11 years…

    • mike amber says:

      @EQOAnostalgia Maybe because it’s not garbage and you’re a clown?

    • PNAS99 says:

      @EQOAnostalgia Why are you even here… Obviously you love it!! But tell em why u mad son..

  3. MDisco10 says:

    Can’t believe this is the last season. Looks like it’ll go out strong though.

    Commonwealth-CRM war not far?

  4. ItZAdrian says:

    It’s back to horror again also the cinematography is improved massively!

    • Blake Tonkel says:

      @Robert Mejia i agree in some instances. I think the early seasons benefitted from film but i prefer ditigal since i like crisper images.

    • TragicLight says:

      @Blake Tonkel I mean the digital camera might have something to do with it. Although, things like shot composition and color grading are massively improved as well.

    • Riya D says:

      @Blake Tonkel what do you mean by it runs on film sorry not educated in the filming department

    • Blake Tonkel says:

      @Riya D film runs on film strips. The film strips are exposed to light from the camera and the light basically freezes an image on each strip. Not an expert that i believe thats the general idea.

    • Dante says:

      @Riya D The Slo Mo Guys have a video on how a film camera works in slow motion it’s really cool I suggest you check it out

  5. Giuseppe DeRosa says:

    Why we always got Eugene scared af 😂

  6. Top10Speed says:

    This could either be the best season or the worst season..

    • Rezzy says:

      @Faster Slasher no I’m Not dumb, you are resorting to names so maybe it’s you? You’re masking it’s political gay people exist and that’s just it, it’s only woke when you say it is, the walking dead knows how to do gay characters without making it “woke”

    • Rezzy says:

      @Faster Slasher who’s been pushing shit💀 also again the walking dead is just like gay people and leaves it as that, that’s not fucken woke 😭

    • Faster Slasher says:

      @Rezzy Reporting two names I don’t do that if it was up to me & not YouTube we can make the Devil blush with sentences I’d be speaking.?

    • Swiiftz_ 16 says:

      Really hope this last season is good, most shows have a bad last season. Either way sad to see this coming to an end. Really thought we would be getting atleast to season 12-13

    • Bryan D says:


  7. Hard31337 says:

    If Dog dies, we riot.

  8. JustJamie says:

    Maybe Judith is gonna have some kind of beef with one of the characters like how Carl was with Ron but different

  9. LJ Andrade says:

    Really looks like there diving more into the more horror aspect of the show

    • Kay Andrews says:

      It’s way overdue. That was the reason it fell apart to begin with.

    • Scott Garvey says:

      @Jeremiah C yup, but if this season is as good as this trailer, it’s going to be great. 9 and 10 were pretty good, this looks like it could be better

    • ColdplayImagineDragons says:

      @Jeremiah C Yeah I kinda wanted to give it a chance but couldn’t, laughed at my old man he called that show Glee. I also remember watching Talking Dead and the actor Nico Tortorella from WB said that the show was gonna be better then the original or something like that,
      I was like “Don’t make me laugh”! 🤣

    • ColdplayImagineDragons says:

      @Its TajRick will probably show up at the end of the show, if Michonne doesn’t show up with him it will probably end with him looking for her and then that will tie somewhere into 1 of TWD movies that Rick will be in. Hope they both return that will be epic!

    • Renaldy Calixte says:

      @ColdplayImagineDragons I watched World Beyond all the way through. I liked the Finale for World Beyond only good episode in that show. I think Season 2 of Beyond will be better.

  10. swallowedinthesea11 says:

    The Walking Dead brings back a lot of nostalgia in my life, both personal and in the entertainment aspects. I’m physically disabled from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) I got when I was nine years old so there’s not many activities I can do, but this series is one that brings some light. Looks like I’m going to have to read again the comics (I highly recommend them) with music by Alice Boman playing in the background.

    • Rad Thibidaeux says:

      There’s LOTS you can do. To start, you seem to write well. I am sorry you were so afflicted as a child, and I admire those who persevere despite life’s challenges. Thank you for sharing with us!

    • swallowedinthesea11 says:

      @Rad Thibidaeux Thank you! I still have those days of depression and bitterness, but you have to try to find some light at the end of the tunnel.

    • swallowedinthesea11 says:

      @Swiiftz_ 16 I remember Kirkman saying years ago that TWD can go up to 20 seasons. It won’t happen with TWD, but as a universe of spinoffs I can see that happening.

      There will be a spinoff and movies with some of the characters in TWD so there will still be some nostalgia for us OGs. Not all is lost, but kind of sad like you said. A fragment of soul has been torn from us.

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