The Walking Dead Season 7 Official Sneak Peek HD!

The Walking Dead Season 7 Official Sneak Peek HD!

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20 Responses

  1. Laura Briggs says:

    i swear if it’s Daryl I’m gong to throw up

  2. Jeremy Dantz says:

    Hes got Daryls bike to ehhh but remember the season 6 finale with the
    walkers lined up as a road block for the RV the one walker was wearing
    Daryls vest to so possibably this guy got it off the walker from the road

  3. CrazySteve says:

    I saw keem star at 0:53

  4. Jesse Torres says:

    My guess is that when Dwight shot Daryl, he took his signature winged vest
    and then stuffed him in the van with Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita. Now, I
    don’t know for sure if this means that Daryl is killed by Negan, but if
    Daryl does survive he has another personal vendetta against Dwight since he
    took his bike, crossbow, and now his winged vest. Also, my money is on
    Sasha being the 1 Negan killed (she’s the last person we would suspect).

  5. ocean2bird says:

    hes not even close to daryl i just can’t waiy for daryl to kill him and get
    his identity back.. why is everyone after his vest bike and bow just let
    him alone

  6. Wild liver 1212 says:

    Thanks for this video

  7. Obvious Distaste says:

    Dwight looks ridiculous in Daryl’s vest. He’s way too scrawny. He needs to
    put on some muscle if he wants to look like his idol.

  8. Andrew Gould says:

    Don’t tell me that Daryl’s dead fuck!!!

  9. Daniel T. says:

    I bet Jesus is on that bridge following him

  10. Sarp KOÇAK says:

    oh no daryl is gone …

  11. Negan says:

    Its glenn and abe.

  12. My Tigga says:

    Dwight will be the new Daryl.

  13. Spongebob Sucks says:

    Why don’t they just admit that Glenn and Abraham died? Everyone already
    knows, AMC’s just ashamed to admit they made a mistake.

  14. tijmen smulders says:

    +1 sub keep killing walkers plz ☺❤

  15. Kanyeda Westaro says:

    i hope they hire better actor for dwight, this dude like background

  16. Mootje103 says:

    cant wait for darryl to snap his neck like the little bitch he is

  17. IAm Mike says:

    jesus…. what in the fuck have you done to this show amc?

  18. Ladius R. says:

    that guy definetly has a fetish on daryl

  19. agentsmithmememe says:

    That’s not Daryl’s bike though

  20. Ts K says:

    If you follow the storyline from the comics and draw its parallel
    comparison to the TV show, then you can safely say that the two victims
    will be Glenn and Abraham.

    Someone has to commit suicide from losing a boyfriend. That has to be
    Sasha. Remember she is going to be losing TWO boyfriend. First one being
    Bob earlier and then she loses Abraham on this one and she is going to be
    driven to insanity. You think Tyler’s death had affect on her? yeah it sure
    did and this time, she will off herself.

    Someone from Alexandria is going to take over HillTop and become the new
    leader. Who did Gregory, current leader, interact the most with? Who
    negotiated with Gregory in exchange of food and supplies for protection? It
    was Maggie. That was a foreshadowing right there that she is going to be
    new leader. At this rate with saviors, a leader has to be just as vicious.
    Maggie is going to be no holds barred leader type after she loses baby from
    shock after witnessing boyfriend, Glenn, being bashed in pieces.

    The guess is so obvious. We are misled to think that it was Aaron because
    of some leaked image of his copy plaster. We were lead to believe it was
    Daryl because an important figure had to go. We were lead to believe it was
    Eugene because of his “farewell” goodbye and reconciliation with Abraham.

    It is Abraham and Glenn.