The Weeknd – M A N I A

The Weeknd – M A N I A

Featuring songs from the new album Starboy

Connect with The Weeknd:

Directed by Grant Singer
Produced by Saul Germaine & Nina Soriano
For Anonymous Content

Music video by The Weeknd performing M A N I A. © 2016 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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20 Responses

  1. Odd Toddler says:

    If I had a pussy it would be wet

  2. Christina G says:

    I think the cat is Bella

  3. Danger Geoff says:

    But how does the false alarm video connect?!?!

    Just made this for the joke, you must know, old sport.

  4. Mr Adonis says:

    can everyone please pray for me I’m going through a tough time

  5. Venom HD says:

    Is this one song or a movie?

  6. Shwifty Mayn says:

    Why is he using auto tune/voice enhancement? His voice is great. He doesn’t
    need it

  7. Alfonsus Dwi Irawan says:

    this song is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    \\ _
    \( •_•) F
    < ⌒ヽ A / へ\ B / / \\ U レ ノ ヽ_つ L / / O / / U ( (ヽ S | |、\. | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / ノ ) Lノ__ (/___

  8. Pasang lama says:

    1. “All I Know” ft. Future (0:00-0:42)
    2. “Sidewalks” ft. Kendrick Lamar (0:43-2:26)
    3. “Secrets” (2:54-4:31)
    4. “Die For You” (4:32-6:10)
    5. “Party Monster” (6:15-8:40)
    6. “I Feel It Coming” ft. Daft Punk (8:42-12:00)

  9. Dead Pool says:

    all I know is that I came here before 1b views

  10. Shoi Nagase says:

    Is that the P1 that’s cleaner than my Church shoes?

  11. Alexis Rojas says:

    I Heard the Secret that you keep ?

  12. Alec Theile says:

    includes songs:
    Party Monster
    Feel it coming
    and someother song

  13. Financial Education says:

    Who else just loves the part at 5:49??!!! I want to hear that chorus soooo
    bad! I can already tell that song will be one of the best on the album

  14. elsie ludwig says:

    Secrets is my all time favorite from this album so far?

  15. Young Guapo says:

    “Grew up without a father so nobody ever sonned me” ?

  16. Gino Cassano says:

    Damn, in the beginning I thought the panther was his hair ??

  17. Sajeel A. says:

    Been xo since 2011, been on the journey with this guy through all his
    era’s. there have been ups and downs based on the music since the mixtapes,
    but in their respective ways, the music has always been fire. reppin
    forever, xo till the death.

  18. Luca Pedulla says:

    I’ll say it again here, four years ago I could have never imagined that
    this is what The Weeknd would eventually evolve into. I do love it though,
    just in a different way.

  19. Kermit the Frog says:

    I guess everybody is gonna pull a Frank Ocean now.

  20. Anthony C says:

    Not even November Rain is this long…