Theme Song | Raven’s Home | Disney Channel

Theme Song | Raven’s Home | Disney Channel

Watch the opening theme song for Raven’s Home, coming to Disney Channel Friday, July 21st right after the premiere of Descendants 2 on Disney Channel.

Starring Raven SymonΓ© (Raven Baxter), Anneliese van der Pol (Chelsea Daniels), Issac Brown (Booker), Navia Robinson (Nia), Jason Maybaum (Levi) and Sky Katz (Tess.)

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20 Responses

  1. Micah West says:

    “yup, that’ US” oh all of the feels

  2. Melvin's Crazy world says:

    I already love it but the original theme song will still be in my heart

  3. ??? _uchiha says:

    i wasn’t feeling that “yep that us”
    it made me cringe 😭
    it will never replace “yep that’s me”

  4. ASsassinator_Munchies_ 38 says:

    Does Cory still live in the white house?

  5. Theagames10 says:

    They actually referenced stuff from the old theme song!!! I am hyped for this series!!!
    One reference is that in the old series opening, they didnt capitalize any name! Still a great That’s So Raven theme song to this day!


    Who cares about all u negative comments “ITS RAVENS HOME” 😝

  7. briatthedisco says:

    I was kinda hoping for the original theme song, with updated lyrics. That would’ve been coolie. 😎 But this is pretty awesome. It’s just very 2k17, which makes sense.. lol. She didn’t really hit the “Yep, that’s us!” on beat, tho. She’s like.. half a second behind. That’s gonna bother me! But the more I watch this, the more I love it. It’s so fun! (Edit: CHELSEA’S SON LEGIT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HER!! Wth? A+ casting there.)

  8. Faith Morse says:

    Isn’t that the white rapper girl off of Americas got talent?

  9. Sara Sheehan says:

    In my opinion, Its not a bad theme song. I’ve heard worse from disney channel. I love how she said ‘yup that’s us!’
    It brings back all the memories and feels to the original show!! I would say that the original theme is way better cause you can actually bop to that song, where you cant really bop to this song. I wouldn’t say that its bad, tho, its just not the best!! I think its a good theme song, tho!

  10. Michael Dominguez says:

    I can’t wait to see this, and I’m 27.

  11. Corea Starjs says:

    I can’t wait unit Next Friday, feel , like a teenager again and I’m 32-year-old lol!!! #10days!!!

  12. Shimomiarikatoka 101 says:

    Few years ago: Yup that’s me!
    2017: Yup that’s us!

    Omg memories

  13. Ang Robins says:

    how many 20 year olds are going to be watching the Disney channel with no kids come July 21st?

  14. WrestlingFan 1991 says:

    They should air a That’s So Raven Marathon leading to the premiere of Raven’s Home.

  15. Noura A says:

    Navia will be a future star.. Singer actress i see it

  16. Diamond C says:

    Wizards of Waverly Place turn to get a spinoff or something else

  17. Lucky Stars says:

    next: Corey in the house, where Corey is now president. Everyone is happy. Corey will be the next great ruler of us all

  18. Donovan Johnson says:

    I wish the kids we’re teens but maybe that won’t act like ytv star’s

  19. Eric Plando says:

    you need to bring orlando brown as a crackhead uncle.

  20. Erbium Indium Gilbert says:

    Hey ummm…Did Raven bleached her skin? 😐

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