These ‘Got Damned’ Roasts Are On Fire ? ft. Shiggy & T-Pain | Wild ‘N Out | #GotDamned

These ‘Got Damned’ Roasts Are On Fire ? ft. Shiggy & T-Pain | Wild ‘N Out | #GotDamned

Wild ‘N Out cast members get a little brutal in this game of ‘Got Damned’ but will Shiggy & T-Pain be able to take the heat? Find out on an all new episode this Sunday, at 7/6c on VH1 ?

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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.

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82 Responses

  1. Fernando saravia says:

    This is the best tv show ever

  2. FoshoGotFlow says:

    Emmanuel Hudson as referee is the funniest part ?

  3. Skye M says:

    DC just destroyed B Simone

  4. G.B.C_L.A says:

    Hitman went easy. He prolly like her

  5. FoshoGotFlow says:

    Damn DC you ain’t have to do her like that ?

  6. Dzanga The Great says:

    I didn’t know DC had Asthma ?

  7. Monique mota says:

    When he puffed the inhaler it was over ??

  8. Karissa Walker says:

    Why does rice gum even come on here

  9. ForeverRillzx _ says:

    Dc has to be the funniest person on this show

  10. Olivia Martinez says:

    Dc is the funniest one on this show

  11. 619Datninja says:

    DC smart. He know if he go crazy at his own joke, the crowd goes crazy, thus making it harder for the opponent to respond.

  12. Marcus morrow says:

    Shout out to Cortez. Man’s destroyed Justina ! ??

  13. Jsmoove TooSmoove says:

    DC Young Fly always delivers when it comes to the jokes

  14. kingdripxd7 says:

    Damn, that Inhaler joke was cold

  15. Swag .com57 says:

    Where’s T-Pain? Where’s Shiggy? The roasting parts weren’t in this video.

  16. TJ Hillside says:

    DC Young Fly only had to say one line, and boom… B. Simone… OOUUUTTT!!!

  17. Brenda Bryant says:

    This is Cortez second time winning “Got Damned” he redeeming himself

    • J. T says:

      ??????????? he is really is!!

    • Sam Boi says:

      He got sooo much OGs to lead him top

    • josh james says:

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  18. Rider Boyy says:

    “Thats why they parted your hair wrong they way I can see all your tracks”???

  19. ken muteteke says:

    DC youngfly”s entire strategy is to laugh and walk away so much that his opponent doesn’t even get a chance to rebuttal

  20. Sasha eilish says:

    So noones gonna tall about how effortlessly conceited lifted cortez

  21. Martha says:

    Can someone explain the joke to me about part the hair so I can see your tracks…. I literally have no idea what that means

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