These Things Happened (Artist Spotlight Story) – G-Eazy

These Things Happened (Artist Spotlight Story) – G-Eazy

Produced by YouTube, These Things Happened chronicles G-Eazy’s rise from humble beginnings. From handing out mixtapes on the streets of Oakland to world tours and platinum records, the film explores how he transformed himself from a Bay Area underdog to a household name, and examines the sacrifices and rewards that come along with achieving your dreams.

G-Eazy feat. Charlie Puth – “Sober” out now!
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55 Responses

  1. JustAGamer AkaIku says:

    Been here since 2011 and even though we’re not friends or anything I always have this sense of pride that he fucking made it

  2. IB Black says:


    admit it or gtfo

  3. Fanni Lightningcake says:

    im emotional wtf

  4. Kate Waweru says:

    Love G -Eazy ❤❤❤💋💋

  5. CodyDerFinisher says:

    G-Eazy, a living legend.

  6. jc30 says:

    Finally! Both you and logic get the recognition that yall been deserving! Keep grinding! ✊🏽

  7. Rahul Mawa says:

    Damn that young G eazy was still rocking those stud looks

  8. Rahul Mawa says:

    Very inspirational… Love you for your work G eazy. Always be yourself…

  9. Loucel Stylinson says:

    I am speechless. He is a walking God. He is beautiful. He takes no shit . He’s real af. I’m so glad that I got to discover his music and him in general.

  10. Rahul Mawa says:

    Wooow. Make more of these vids… Absolutely inspired.

  11. Camy Music says:

    I Love that! So inspiring ❤️

  12. LyricalGenes says:

    G-Eazy is so real and genuine, he’s inpsired me for awhile and I hope….I know he’ll inspire more as time passes.

  13. Gonzalo Ortiz says:

    Must Be Nice

  14. Gonzalo Ortiz says:


  15. Mr. Someone says:

    This was waaay too short

  16. RealLucidity says:

    Who else got chills?

  17. Rey Leon says:

    Inspiring didn’t discover G Eazy until last year but I’m glad I’m a fan now. Keep up the great work.

  18. yuti says:

    i would give everything i have to see a movie of gerald in the theater

  19. Lisa Boliaris says:

    Most definitely been a fan since he did the vans tour!

  20. Paul Louis says:

    G-Eazy is such a superstar. I’ve been listening to him for a while and he definitely came a long way. I wish I can become as successful as him someday from making music.

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