Things I Get Excited About As An Adult

Things I Get Excited About As An Adult

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20 Responses

  1. Emily Hull says:

    When I was 13 I was so excited about getting and electric stand mixer
    because I only watched food network as a kid and wanted to be like the
    chefs on there. Now I’m 19 and nothing has changed I just love kitchen
    appliances so much

  2. Gen says:

    I relate to this far too much

  3. CleaPatrick Wheeldon says:

    jenna I honestly thought you were like 23 years old

  4. Paaraad says:

    Not really used, they exist in the living room.

  5. iamaninja326 says:

    Honestly not lying on a website that’s for 18 and older is the best

  6. Eucis93 says:

    I was maybe 19 at the time but I lost my shit when my mom told me to buy
    new pillows and covers for all our beds. They’re so soft and fluffy and you
    feel adult because you know you just bought something useful that will
    hopefully last for years.

    I’m 22 now and can’t move out of my parents house for personal reasons, and
    I also take care of my entire family. Just like Jenna I too get super
    excited when I get to do absolutely nothing, sometimes I even turn off my
    phone and just stare blankly at a tv while allowing myself to not give a
    single, flying fuck.
    The absolute BEST PART of being an adult is when someone helps you to do
    things around the house or offers to do it for you. Someone’s doing the
    dishes? I don’t have to cook? Someone else is going to the grocery store?
    Someone took the dog out? I mean hearing that is orgasmic.

  7. Maiahslife says:

    Ur so funny but so true haha love ya

  8. Shelby Wong says:

    As a college student living in my apartment the past few years, there’s
    nothing I love more than sweeping the kitchen/bathroom and vacuuming the
    carpet. I don’t mind mess, but I do mind dirt. “Why clean it when it’s just
    going to get dirty again?” No. I’ve come to love cleanliness.

  9. Kiteria Smith says:

    Lol so im 21 and I travel a tun for work. So this means i eat out everyday
    usually something not as expensive cuz that shit adds up quick! And as
    healthy as i can find it (so not healthy at all). So what i mostly get
    excited about is every chance i get to actually cook my own food! Like when
    i go home to visit family they want to cook for me but im like no bitch
    take a damn seat and get ready for the best home cooked meal that you have
    ever had!

  10. Abigail Bohling says:

    I get excited buying adult clothes…meaning work apparel….I used to hate
    buying dress clothes, but now its like oooh!! lemmme get thiss!!! Oh and
    buying new planners when the time is up in the old one!

  11. Iana Khoudak says:

    New bed sheets!!! Really pretty ones! They look good and feel good and are
    sooo good!

  12. Just Izzy says:

    I don’t want to buy socks but those God damn sick goblins keep taking them

  13. madisenkahlee says:

    I got excited about shopping for business attire #adulting

  14. Spills51 says:

    wow I feel dumber after clicking this. Lady your something mentally just
    not sure its called adult :P

  15. Lydia Forry says:

    my boss actually laughs at me when i get new product in my beauty departmet
    i get so excited its like Christmas each truck morning she told me in her
    16 years she has never seen a department lead get so excited over new
    stuff. lol

  16. JoshuaYukiah says:

    I think the one thing that I am excited for now, as an adult, is now when I
    receive socks or underwear as a gift from my parents, I get super excited.
    I need those things! It’s no longer a bullshit gift.

  17. chyaa92 says:

    I am definitely in this adult situation. About to get my first pay check
    and literally have to buy a garbage can.

  18. Alicia Carroll says:

    Don’t open the crockpot.

  19. Amanda M says:

    I understand this so much! I asked for a clothes iron for my birthday….

  20. justmeechyy says:

    I couldn’t love you or this video more ?