this game cost me $2.

this game cost me $2.

yup.. this is a quality game for JUST $2!

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66 Responses

  1. DuisyBoy2.0 says:

    This is basically asdf remade

  2. Nielo Martens says:

    DanTDM: “What could possibly go wrong”


  3. Chocolate Croissant says:

    *You forgot the fighting themselves option!*

    Also why did Dan write $2 instead of £1.56

  4. 1st thelordpickle says:

    oh yea yea

  5. Shronk says:

    You should play Kindergarten. I️t is a bit gory and curses occasionally so put a warning before then.

  6. Hopeless 65 says:

    Dan did I just see a dab in the thumbnail…

  7. Gold Shield says:

    0:40 Dan it’s 2019 Bruh

    4:26 Guys Dan Put a swear word in his vid for the SECOND Time yes SECOND

    This video is inoproprate

    1.Swear words


    3. Vegan abuse

    4. And no I’m not a hater

  8. iPhonePizza :D says:

    this game cost me $1.74

  9. K1ngK says:

    Dan Dan DAN ..
    It’s my birthday ??

  10. Chicken Nugget God says:

    This me every day
    And this is my sister in a nutshell

  11. Quiz4U says:

    ??❤️To The 2% Of You Who See this, I hope you all have a bright and great future. could you support My Life dream to be at 25k this year??❤️

  12. Crysteena Georgeena says:

    I love how dantdm makes the most simplest titles for his videos yet i am so excited to watch the video?

  13. Chomps says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  14. Remedeus says:

    *Taking Song Requests to remix*

    *Can u help me to find perfect song to remix?*

    You Also choose the genre <3

  15. Galaxy Robot says:

    at 5:45 there is easter egg Carrot,Potato And Onion from CUPHEAD

  16. Dr dweeb-weired says:

    Press read more

    You have 5 years of good luck ?


  17. How2Clickbait says:

    I wanted to know what would happen if he pressed “themselves” at the beginning.

  18. Daisy Morgan says:

    #3 on trending yes then dan oh and also almost at 21 mil ❤️❤️❤️.

    Edit: ??? #1 on trending YES DAN ?❤️❤️❤️

  19. Quinn Oconnell says:

    IM Soo HAPPY TODAY i got *351k V-Вυcks without having to pay for it* .
    I posted the method on my youtube ????????????????????????

  20. Denise Martinez says:

    Ohh yeah yeah we shall rise!!!

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