This is a major problem… but I have a solution.

This is a major problem… but I have a solution.

Beards, whispers, and DeFranco movie trailers…
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Shot & Edited by Joe Nation:

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Some music by David Cutter:
and Jason Mayer:

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53 Responses

  1. psinno says:

    Is it wrong that I prefer the vlog to the content now?

  2. Brian Alex Clark says:

    “WHO ARE YOU?!” — Joe Nation

    • Анфиса Гущина says:

      ??? *Нȯt Тоkеns* ► [ ] ◄ *Нȯt Тоkеns* ???
      ??? *Нȯt Тȯkėns* ► [ ] ◄ *Hot Тȯkėns* ???
      ??? *Hоt Тоkėns* ► [ ] ◄ *Hоt Tokėns* ???

      *РavȯС̣оin* is а сrуᵽtосurrеnс̣у fаc̣ilitȧting trаnsaсtiоns in ⱣAVО ėсоsystėm bеtwėеn growеrs, р̣rоduсėrs, innovatоrs, rеtȧilеrs аnd sеrviсе ᵽrȯvidėrs. *ⱣАVƠ* will usе smаrt сȯntrac̣ts tо supᵽоrt thė forwаrd sаlе of сrорs, аnd tо sеcurеtrаnsaсtiȯns thrоugh thė mаrkėtp̣lасе. *Вlосkсhȧin* роwеrеd *РAVO* аgriс̣ulturаl mȧrkėtрlас̣e will аllow all thė раrtiсiрȧnts оf thė eс̣osystеm с̣оnvėniеntlу tradе quаlitу vеrifiеd аgriсulturȧl рrȯduсts using *ⱣAVОсоin* ȧs ȧ sеttlеmеnt tȯоl.

    • Jon E says:

      I’M BATMAN!

    • Mr True says:


    • Jon E says:

      Mr True how dare you bump my comment as the highlighted reply

    • Mr True says:

      My humble apologies Batman

  3. Angela Perez says:

    Can we stop talking about tariffs now?

    • dmrc43 says:

      You’re right, leave the adult talk for the adults.

    • VileDestruction says:

      Nick McGinty – The tariff issue is not a partisan issue, and there is support and opposition on both sides. Fact of the matter is, the US dollar has lost 2% of its value since the beginning of 2017 and it has been on a significant decline ever since. In addition, a mass amount of major corporations have already admitted that they are going to raise their product prices and will halt wage increases due to the cost these tariffs will have on them. This is because they need more resources than what our own country has to offer and HAVE to import. So, in the end, this tariff issue is going to cost the majority of average American citizens a significant amount of money in the grand scheme of things.

    • JanderVK says:

      I love these dumbshits who laugh while the whole house is burning down, as if they’re not part of the house.

    • kaingates says:

      P.I.S Staker it depends. If you define America by the mid-west then yes. East coast won’t feel the hit and west coast will actually profit off of it. Washington will probably shift focus from “jobs for today” to training programs(we did the same thing in the ‘90s and it worked until we let banks profit off underpaid work).

    • kaingates says:

      VileDestruction I think you’re confusing investors with company management. The companies are fine, but the people who lead the company have a fiduciary responsibility to their investors. The company is forced to maximize profit or else the consequences will be less investing. We need to change laws from investors invest like a loan and more like how crowdfunding works.

  4. Abbigail Stauffer says:

    New new Brian’s beard game is strong.

    • Инна Уварова says:

      ??? *ТОКENS* ► [ ] ◄ *ТƠKENS* ???
      ??? *ТƠКЕNS* ► [ ] ◄ *ТOKENS* ???
      ??? *ТƠКЕNS* ► [ ] ◄ *ТОКЕNS* ???

      *ⱣavоC̣ȯin* is а сrуptоcurrėnсy fасilitȧting trаnsac̣tiоns in PАVО ėсosуstеm bеtwеen grȯwеrs, ᵽrоducеrs, innovȧtors, rėtailers and sеrviсė ᵽrȯvidеrs. *РАVƠ* will use smȧrt сontrȧсts tо suрᵽоrt thė fоrwаrd sаlе оf сrоps, аnd tȯ sėсurеtransасtiоns through the mȧrkеtᵽlaсе. *Bloсkсhain* ᵽowered *P̣АVО* аgriсulturаl mаrkеtᵽlȧсе will ȧllоw аll thė ᵽаrtiсiᵽants оf thе есоsуstėm сȯnvėniėntlу trаde quаlitу vеrifiеd ȧgriсulturаl рroduc̣ts using *P̣АVƠc̣оin* as а sеttlеmеnt tооl.

    • DrEffinSteamy says:

      HI beard in going in his mouth though…not groomed the best.

    • Bite-Sized Survival says:

      i think he should round it out at the bottom

    • jan Dideriksen says:

      That beard is ugly, just looks nasty. 🙁

    • Nabiha Siddiqui says:

      Abbigail Stauffer nah he looks like he’s part of the taliban

  5. Soiled Shorts says:

    joe.exe has stopped working.

  6. John Yates says:

    An extra dollar for Girl Scout Cookies? Say it ain’t so! That’s going to make my addiction all the harder to finance. #ThinMintsThinningMyWallet2018

  7. Philly D says:

    We’re working on new content, getting demonetized, you know, same old same old. Anyhow … thoughts on a whole Bad Lip Reading vlog? ???

    • Angie Brodland says:

      I feel like this is #3 on trending for YouTube to try and prove you wrong.

    • Austin Nelson says:

      I love how this is #3 on trending rn, shows at least you’re not getting completely bent by YT. Plus I can verify that I usually see your episode on my home page and my Subs page, and sometimes in the watch next. I’m on DE so idk if a patreon would affect it if I use the same email?

    • Heather Van Buskirk says:

      Huey Lewis recently canceled his tour due to hearing loss associated suspect Meniere’s disease. A highly debilitating vestibular disorder. Very little is known about it, but it disproportionally affects musicians. Millions suffer. Dedicated research and awareness is virtually non-existent. Hearing loss is the least severe symptom. Balance and vertigo can become unmanageable and constant. If you brought awareness to this disease you could change millions of lives.

    • NINA STAR says:

      Perfect video

  8. Brittany Novello says:

    I feel like we should have a “till beer countdown “

  9. CVJordan says:

    Joe’s intros slowly sounding more and more like Eeyore every day lol

  10. Marc Greaves says:

    I can’t wait to see what they do with the new place.

  11. Nigel West Dickens says:

    I like skinny bunty king.

  12. Emmanuel Alejandro says:

    The whisper game is strong on this vlog.

  13. gonzostwin1 says:

    Hi can I have some hot water and oatmeal

  14. Chelsea Carpenter says:

    I agree with Joe, Phil you deserve to be able to vent now and then lol. YouTube is just fucking your channel without your consent ?
    Much love from Arizona ❤️❤️

  15. Jamie Ross says:

    doing a 2 minute teaser or short ever morning would be cool.

  16. 10 minute vlogs says:

    I only want to hear Bearded Brian talk about bikes, Tom’s products, and coffee.

    Edit: instead of another Brian we just want Briana to host all the shows from now on.

    Second edit: Bearded Brian can maybe do a segment called shitty music you will never listen to.

    • Kate says:

      Shitty Music you will never listen to sounds like the perfect segment for Vice News. Actually he could work for Vice and I wouldn’t even be shocked.

  17. Udo Mager says:

    Would you just look at this magnificent beard? I want to stroke it. And I want him to purr like a big cat when I do. 😀

  18. My Highness says:

    “Everydays a hard day for BBC ” lol Brian gets it.

  19. tallasianchick says:


  20. Julia Paramo says:

    Phil looks insanely pale at 4:58

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