This is Cesar Sayoc, the Florida man suspected of sending pipe bombs

This is Cesar Sayoc, the Florida man suspected of sending pipe bombs

Cesar Sayoc, an Aventura man arrested in connection with the mail pipe bombs sent to prominent critics of President Donald Trump, is a businessman with a long criminal history in Florida.

Video by Marta Oliver Craviotto / Miami Herald

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78 Responses

  1. Michael Mystro Pierce says:

    This is not about any one man but a mentality and ideology of hateful minded terrorist that’s doing America an injustice. This hurts America just like crime and hypocrisy no matter the color of his skin or the political party he stands or in some cases hide behind.

    • j davis says:

      can you elaborate on the ideology, im assuming the mentality is anyone who would do this (if he did this) is not mentally well but the ideology comment makes me wonder what your talking about

    • Agent Ajax says:

      I’m glad you condemn this as well as the Bernie supporter that shot up a baseball game or the guy that sent Trump Jr legit riccin poison. It’s nice to see everyone is aware of these incidents and not just when the orange man bad.

  2. PeglegMedia says:

    this is just like when kapernicks message of anti cops led to multiple police being murdered in their cars.

  3. jackelking37 says:

    this was the fastest criminal hunt ever, and packages were not mailed, it u look at the packages there is no post marks….he is just a fall guy to cover up that this is just a hoax

    • Sheba Autumn says:

      It’s been 17 fucking years since 911 and all they give us are 5 frames of the “plane” hitting the Pentagon, but hours into this “hoax” we have this guys full and complete bio! We have a fucking camera following the van but they cannot release photos of the Pentagon for we AMERICAN PATRIOTS to analyze!!!
      This is all bullshit propaganda by the MSM to demonize Trump.
      WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!! I have no sympathy for ANYONE who believes this fucknig bullshit!!!!!!

    • Helmholtz the Mule Watson says:

      +Sheba Autumn
      It’s not hard to get a bio. Give me a name and I can have one back to you in an hour.

    • Dean Vass says:

      jack off You make me lose faith in humanity

    • Jonathan Waters says:

      See Above.

    • Laura Evenhouse says:

      jackelking37. Hey ding dong, they have something called computer data bases to do this now. Look it up before you shoot off your mouth. This is how the FBI protects us from terrorists like this.

  4. Jim Jackle says:

    If the bombs weren’t designed to explode, then technically they weren’t really bombs.

    • Shady Pikachu says:

      please never procreate

    • Eric says:

      Jim Jackle lol liar

    • Michael C says:

      Jim Jackle if you rob a bank with a gun and no bullets, does it make it any less of a robbery? Cmon, this one is an easy answer

    • Agent Ajax says:

      A lot of bombs are fake. Intimidating someone with even road flairs and an alarm clock is taken seriously. To liberals who don’t know how… well everything at this point, weapons are placed into different classes. 1 and 2 are some of the things you’d expect, guns, knives, assault weapons etc. Class 3 being pretty high up there like belt fed machine guns and some pretty neat toys but class 4 is the highest level of weaponry. Things like bombs or grenades or WMDs, extremely dangerous chemicals (anthrax) and so on and so forth. Now if you threatened someone with a fake gun a cop is going to take that very seriously. If your mailing politicians fake explosive devices that are 2 classes above a gun… yeah your fucked. I smell a rat but from the perspective of its not a big deal cause it was just a prank to own the globalists is just dumb. I smell a rat tho…

  5. Joe says:

    I don’t believe any of this. This guy is a democrat plant.

    • Jesus Crust says:

      And the Bible is the truth

    • Helmholtz the Mule Watson says:


    • Joe says:

      Mike simmer down budd! I know truth and real facts are hard to deal with. Made me angry too! But after the anger comes understanding. You’ll get there I’ll pray for you.

    • L Taylor says:

      Joe : Really an asshole with Fb post of 2016 Trump rally he attended. Yet he was 1 hr from Mar a Largo. This was a disgruntled ,self pitying white man ( who looks Asian) who failed to obtain the American Dream and will now cry the typical -Mental Illness. Hmm 1 hr away from Mar a Largo as interesting as a dem plant!! Did you not see his former boss say he did not like Gays, nor blacks if you don’t like blacks what the fuck were you doing mailing items from Opa Locka…. You are off script!

    • Kristen berer says:

      There are screen grabs of his DEMOCRAT voter registration all over the internet. He is a plant

  6. bigone1ism says:

    Somthin smells MIGHTY FISHY……

    • Fuji Wags says:

      albarino gold you are deluded

    • I Will Not Comply says:

      Kevin Prima, you seem delusional. This is no way a Trump supporter. A trump supporter wouldnt and couldnt be able to listen to the garbage and follow dumbass democrats on Twatter. If a patrtiot went after the treasonous and corrupted, it would be known and more than half the country would help.

      This is all wrong by anyones standards but the lefts as there hasnt been a standard in the last 20 years, everyday the left sinks to a new low. But you know, enjoy yourself.

    • cringy weeaboo says:

      From New York…. check
      Clearly NOT White with nappy hair…. check
      Crazy Van covered with right wing stickers to look well crazy… check
      Not one kill…..check
      sigh… nope nothing fishy here folks…. lolz

    • Eric says:

      cringy weeaboo the bomber is a stupid ugly sinner

  7. alec hiddel says:

    It doesn’t matter if it’s this guy or the bernie supporter that shot at senators. ALL political extremist violence should be DENOUNCED by ALL Americans.

    • Eric says:

      George SoreAss hell awaits u sinner liar

    • Simon Keel says:

      yeah man it is crazy. It baffles me how people can be so blind to this, we are heading towards volatile times. I do think some of the stuff that Trump says does have a negative impact on how divisive and reactionary people get. It is a struggle for me to watch any major news network anymore because of how much of an agenda is behind everything they say. The media is really starting to pick sides. It is almost like America has entered another civil war but instead of guns they use social media. The fact that we could let this happen and that there are people out there like this guy, who was so vehemently on his side that he sent pipebombs in the mail, makes me really question the integrity of our intelligence as a population. Donald Trump is someone who want’s a reaction, don’t react. I am not picking sides either, I am fairly certain that is a fact I see in him. A good president brings people together, but our country likes chaos…. It is fucking crazy lol.

    • DisgruntledVet 11B says:

      Nunya Bizzness nothing on the news is real aside from the weather and little local news stories. The rest is state sponsored propaganda. Do you know what the smith Mundt act is?

    • DisgruntledVet 11B says:

      Simon Keel Charlottesville was phony too…like his 11 11 11 license plates

    • Matthew Mason says:

      alec hiddel
      About the same topic trying to brainwash people to connect this with trump

  8. JukeBoxHero 's says:

    Kiddies, this is what happens when you “live in a van down by the river” I had to lol!

  9. MrM1729 says:

    It’s the MAGAbomber!

  10. Py DevEagle says:

    Like we all didn’t see this false plant coming. Showing him holding a Trump sign. The democratic elite clearly planted this story, just like they always do.

  11. Roberto Bueno says:

    Really doesn’t matter which side of the political side you are on, when you have trashed your vehicle with that many bumper stickers you are an imbalanced zealot, and you ain’t right.

  12. Ness_the_robo says:

    Politics aside, this guy is whole new level of nuts.

  13. PillCosby says:

    Only someone who wanted the Left to win midterms would do this. That’s why it’s a progressive hoax.

  14. Miah says:

    Both sides always wanna see the worst in eachother and it’s really unfortunate. As a young American it’s very upsetting.

    • wild cat says:

      +m that’s not true just because somebody can’t spell something right don’t make them stupid and for a person to think that way is the dumb one you’re a fool so Russian thinking somebody’s dumb you’ll be crawling out

    • wild cat says:

      +m there is no credibility on here grilling half the s*** you see on here is not even real people putting it on here but let me guess you knew that right you’re smart I’m sure there’s not a room with hundreds of military men on the computer putting out all kinds of crazy s*** online to see what kind of response they get it’s their job but you knew that right you’re smart

    • B S says:

      you can say that again

    • B S says:

      David Doder not his point

    • Speedy says:

      can we make a new side that wants extinction

  15. J Dee says:

    This smells like the Vegas Shooting.

  16. Little Kimmy says:

    12 pipe bombs sent to the addresses of very significant public figures
    They get right past any security or quality checking
    And none of them explode…

    Something seems off about this whole situation. Happy coincidence? Inside job? You be the judge.

    • Laura Evenhouse says:

      Yes there were postmarks and the secret service did intercept most of them. The only one reported to have been hand delivered was the one to CNN, and that was speculative. Even if it was it could have easily been arranged to go through a currier, there are thousands of those in New York.
      I was hoping they would have a picture of him at a Trump Rally and bingo! Of course he was at a Trump rally.

    • DM Lamont says:

      So this is a fake thing cause you morons on the internet don’t have all the details, are not profession investigators so you make up shit in your head and think you are awesome. Maybe just maybe the cops are doing a good job and you don’t know what you are talking about…has that possible set of events even remotely crossed your mind?

    • Be The Change says:

      OP is on point.

    • B S says:

      Pogue Mahone πŸ˜‚

    • Will Sutton says:

      Some of them did not make it through screening & some were seemingly hand delivered.

  17. JohnnyOneDog says:

    Sad to say but our foreign enemies like terrorist groups are encouraged by this and look at this behavior as a sign we are imploding.

    • gdouglas999 says:

      We ARE imploding. We have our current administration to thank for that.

    • mary richardson says:

      +gdouglas999 Thanks for your comment………………..we are imploding……………….this country is dying right before our eyes………..take care of yourself.

  18. Mary Ellen Gelner says:

    I am glad he got caught before anyone got hurt. He must be unbalanced.

  19. Baba Yaga says:


  20. trump HELL 666 says:

    It’s Florida again? It’s always trumpanzee Floridians acting like animals and criminals.

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