This is Starting to Get Ugly

This is Starting to Get Ugly

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41 Responses

  1. DBG says:

    The Olympics will be interesting. The difference between teams like Australia/Spain/Serbia and the US is that overseas players are developed from a young age to play a role in their club’s senior team and a lot of them are used to being bench, then gradually getting a role in the team and some becoming stars. Whereas in the US players are mostly developed as individuals so they can get college scholarships/go pro. This US team is made up almost entirely of guys who have pretty much been the first or 2nd option their entire lives. I still think they are the favourites, solely because they will have at least 4 of the best 5 players on the court at all times. But if they lose, it will be because of their style of play and inability to play actual team basketball.

  2. Treasure Quest - JD & Company Chronicles says:

    This video was exceptionally good. And wow. I’ve never seen that clip of David Stern before. Talk about a passive aggressive burn.

    • tyson clarke says:

      “America’s game”?

      Dr Naismith was Canadian, David.

    • Justin Tancig says:

      Nobody seemed to hear the guy yell “Hurry up!”. I felt like he said that to stall and piss that guy off which is why they were laughing.

    • Nifty Fuzzball says:

      Honestly that clip is taken out of context considering the tension between US and USSR

    • Yukimusha says:

      @Nifty Fuzzball Nothing surprising when you hear him talking about 1970’s Slovenia… Come on, Jimmy, that country didn’t existed at the time.

    • mario reynoso caro says:

      @Tom Mulligan Was about to comment the same thing.

  3. NewsPaperBin says:

    3:43 dam, I didn’t even know the Olympics took place in 202

  4. Bill Putney says:

    Personally I believe the Sabonis reaction was from the announcer taking minute-long breaks between each line, just to say a “USSR” player during the Cold War. Otherwise an outstanding video as always👍

    • Arnav says:

      Yeah it wasn’t just foreign born, it was THAT country that he was born in. I doubt it was a similar reaction when hakeem or dikembe were drafted lol.

  5. Ryan Sears says:

    “And if you ask me, that’s how it should be” absolutely agree

  6. Kessel Bloxk says:

    They weren’t freaking out ab sabonic cause he was a foreign player, they were freaking out because an NBA team had just drafted a communist from the Soviet Union in the middle of the Cold War 🤦‍♂️😂

    • Tomas Lundström says:

      @DC BTNA So you are saying that 14 years before the “21st century” nobody in the US knew that the Baltic nations were occupied by the Soviets, and that they were neither “communists” nor “Russians”, but actually oppressed in their own countries? Well, when I think about it, you may be right. ‘Muricans have never been known for having a clue about what goes on in the rest of the world.
      Watch the documentary and educate yourself.

    • Ohioguy223 says:

      @Ezra Dominic Cold War Lives on FOREVER!!!

    • mart schwartz says:

      sabonis not sabonic, hes not balkan…dude

    • Arnav says:

      Yeah exactly. I doubt Dikembe or Hakeem had the same reactions from the crowd.

    • NBA Risingslash says:

      @Ezra Dominic thats not gonna change the fact that it was in the cold war no point in checking facts for that

  7. Chris Kaloki says:

    It’s amazing that Hakeem and embiid played their first basketball at age 15

    • Gregory Kitaba Manga says:

      also me. except im still 15. but its really inspiring to know that african players like hakeem and embiid started the way i is my life fr. and i hope that it can expand in africa as well.

    • LinuxAfrica says:

      A great point and this was actually true for a lot of young Nigerian (i know embiid isnt nigerian) who were born in those days the usually started out with football and if you got tall then you would move to basketball my dad has some pretty funny stories about guys who were insane baskball players that just never tried playing until College age.

    • Choppy 314 says:

      @Gregory Kitaba Manga keep working man

  8. Luke Montgomery says:

    Bring these dudes into the nba, literally makes it so much more fun. I love seeing foreign dudes coming in and making the competition even crazier

  9. 09lowkey says:

    “Ridiculous, just ridiculous” says some old lady from Portland when the Trail Blazers select one of the Top 5 players in European Basketball history.

  10. Kamil M. says:

    I didnt know arvydas sabonis was such a truck, crazy I only saw him when he was already “broken”

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