This Is the Nicest Mailman You’ll Ever Meet

This Is the Nicest Mailman You’ll Ever Meet

A mail worker is earning praise for his personal touch when it comes to delivering packages in an exchange caught on a doorbell security camera. When the unidentified worker showed up at the Washington state doors top to leave the package, the homeowner informed him she was not there and told him to leave the parcel at the door. Fearful of porch pirates, however, he offered to hide the package in a recycling bin. Social media fell in love with the sweet move.

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75 Responses

  1. Andrew Tersigni says:

    For the 1% of people who see this if you would hit the like button it would make my day?? I hope you have a bright and good future, i am a you-tuber myself and i am not asking you to do anything but i would love to hit 5k by next week?

  2. James Pual says:

    God bless this man

  3. Ian Waldman says:

    This guy is so nice

  4. Spongebob SquarePants says:

    I saw this on Daily Dose of Internet

  5. If you sub to me you will get absolutely nothing says:

    But what if i don’t meet him?

  6. єvєlчn chαn says:

    Awww- hes nice who agrees?

  7. Zach Rubenstein says:

    Beat you bob! Here first.. can’t think of a Lisa joke though. HELP GUYS!

  8. John R. Carter says:

    What a great guy. My mailman knocks on the door real quick, then leaves it out on the porch and he is gone lol.

  9. Jana Awoonor-gordon says:

    2 views and 62 likes wow ? this means even global warming could be real?

  10. King Muffin says:

    This guy, is an absolute great person who cares about anyone’s property and is amazing person in all.

  11. Rafael Garcia says:

    My UPS driver always calls me whenever he can’t get passed the gate or can’t leave in a safe spot I thought it was the norm. ??‍♂️

  12. don't worry be happy says:

    Is he single? I would like to go on a date with him. YouTube do your thing!

  13. MrsConnie 2You says:

    Now that’s a decent human being and I’m so glad some random ass didn’t get their hands on those irreplaceable coins…What a sweetheart?

  14. Our Founding Liars says:

    Probably a GPS Illuminati tracking device. He was desperate to get it to her. Keep asking questions

  15. the aussie says:

    Now every porch pirate will check the recycling bin

  16. Zak Tekin says:

    I was a postman for 4 years i was polite and did the same as this guy the only thank you i got was being chased by those little dogs…and an akita which i fell down the stairs…..

  17. Joan Pashinsky-Greve says:

    My mail people just bang on the door and run back to there truck ?‍♀️

  18. SincerelyS says:

    In a Remington box. That uncle has good taste lol

  19. Average Joe says:

    Unfortunately that sort of behavior gets you nowhere at the Post office.

    • Amanda A says:

      Yes but he obviously takes pride in his job despite no reward which makes him even greater!

    • Maverick Pov says:

      i still do everything that i can for my customers but i can see management asking why i was at one location too long

    • alex lee says:

      Average Joe……his boss is like why did u take so long? The mailman replies….oh I’m sorry I was just trying to make sure a customer’s package was safe….then his boss replies…so u thought u would be considerate on company time? Time is money! Get back to work….and just for coming in late…im gonna dock ur pay by 20%

    • my username smell so deos yours says:

      Average Joe pretty much

  20. 10,000 Subs with no videos EVER - Tyrone says:

    He deserves a raise or some sort of promotion.

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