This Is What Will Happen In MCU Phase Four After Avengers Endgame

This Is What Will Happen In MCU Phase Four After Avengers Endgame

Our Best MCU Predictions for Marvel’s Phase Four After Avengers Endgame (Spider-Man Far From Home, Black Panther 2 and more)

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Everyone knows that Avengers: Endgame was the end of an era and what an era it was! Over a decade of Marvel Cinematic Universe boiled down to this film and it did not disappoint, but, of course, here at CBR, we’re always looking to the future and, today, we’re going to be talking about the fourth phase of Marvel movies. We’ll go over what we know for sure and what our best predictions are for the future.

Of course, we know the next movie after Endgame is going to be Spider-Man: Far From Home, but it’s actually not going to kick off Phase Four. In Phase Four, though, there have been some confirmed sequels to Black Panther and Doctor Strange announced, but what about new heroes? We’ve seen some potential new heroes including Cassie Lang, the daughter of Scott Lang, and Lyla Barton, the daughter of Clint Barton. Could MCU be gearing up for the Young Avengers? And since Captain Marvel was such a success, it seems like we could be seeing some more extraterrestrial heroes like Nova become major players in the MCU.

What do you think is going to be coming down the pipeline during Marvel Phase Four? Let us know what you think is really going to happen, but don’t be afraid to include what’s really on your Marvel movie wishlist. Before you head back to the theater to catch another showing of Avengers: Endgame, make sure to click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at CBR.


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92 Responses

  1. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah says:

    Hello people scrolling down the comments have a great day

  2. A2L says:

    Where do we go now that they’re gone? #CaptainAmerica #IronMan

  3. South King says:

    Whats up guys? Hope everyone is having a good day

  4. Bangtanlover 12 says:

    The mermaid man and barnacle boy movie hits theaters in 2020 to complete phase 4

  5. Stephen M. Green says:

    So, CBR can see the future?

    Well, this can go 1 out of 14,000,605 different ways…

  6. Heather Daniels says:

    I think Phase 3 ends the chapter for the adults who grew up with the films which hurts and will clearly get some pushback. I think Phase 4 is going to be for the current young teens to enjoy and grow up with.

    • Arjun Vids says:

      Am 12

    • DjStiv3 says:

      Chris for thor has said he will stay on as long as marvel wants him too and there was another character too that said the same.. if they really want a connected universe.. they may keep these actors around, along with these kids and teens coming of age to do other movies

    • Big Sexy says:

      +Take Off Your Blinkers maybe it’ll work but yah I also feels PC will ruin it

    • funny man says:

      I’m 14 and I saw spiderman 1 and 2 when I was 3

    • Jayda Forbes says:

      The last Stan Lee cameo in Avengers:Endgame was actually a response to people that said politics should be kept out of comics

  7. Tehzo says:

    Also, i feel like black panther 2 will have namor as the antagonist. They literally foreshadowed this in endgame when black widow is talking to the holograms of the avengers, and okoye mentions an underwater earthquake near the african fault. How awesome would it be to see a Wakanda vs Atlantis movie?

  8. 21 Sausage says:

    Bro I cried when Iron man hugged spider man because tony likes him as his own son ?

  9. MonkeyGen says:

    Like to get a taco from hulk ?

  10. moonroxxx says:

    Inifinity Gaultlet . Silver Surfer . X- Men . Lady Death . all That stuff Related to and part of The Infinity stones . Adam Warlock . .Galactus . The Impossible man .

    • moonroxxx says:

      +gtf234 right. The Movies are a new vision of the comics and the transfers are not allways perfect . some better than others .

    • LillRiceGaming says:

      moonroxxx the infinity saga is done, Infinity War+Endgame is basically Infinity Gauntlet

    • akaElextro says:

      Shaheer Ahmed didn’t silver surfer kill Galatus in fantastic four tho or that doesn’t count

    • moonroxxx says:

      +akaElextro I guess so . it seems in a lot of ways the storys are switched up quite a bit . They dont allways seem to match up

    • moonroxxx says:

      +LillRiceGaming so it dosent really match up with the comics then . seems like it .

  11. OverDose says:

    Avengers will never be the same with out Tony Stark

    • jgarza2007 says:

      Overdose I guess CBR can go through a 10 min video and not spoil, but you’ve got to be that guy. No big deal. This video is about phase 4, not a recap of endgame.

    • Monster Jam 85 says:

      He went out like a bad ass. Plus you expect Downey to do it forever?…lol. He will be missed but not forgotten. Iron Man’s sacrifice will be remembered for all time. I hope they but up monument of something in future movies to honor him and I hope they do the same with Black Widow.

    • Sxar Face says:

      Cass Gray They probably won’t. Downey’s contract is over.

    • Tin Cup says:

      What Marvel will eventually do is “Destroy” the universe and full reboot (Deadpool anyone?) or they will destroy as much of it possible in Thanos-like Thinking via the Illuminati (Black Panther, Dre Strange, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, etc). But as of now, we have multipletimelines now, and in the movie I counted about 5 different timelines.

      I read they will do their version of Secret Wars and Secret Empire, so if so, Beyonder will be introduced but I think we were already introduced to him already – Jeff Goldblum and his BattleWorld.

      Rogers, Stark and Thor are the Trinity of Marvel. As much as they explore new routes, it all ends up with those three. Same for MCU.

      As for Cap, he created a new timeline when he removed himself. A new Cap will emerge out of that new timeline and will be Hydra Cap. and they will menace MCU timeline. Old Man rogers will play the part he played in the comics briefly

      As for Tony stark, he never really died. Physically yes, but his consciusness will be uploaded and he will be alive as an AI “ghost” and still be Iron Man (but no “Iron Heart). Tony eventually has his consciusness inhabited artificial bodies until finally he has his own body back /which what they will go). That is how the comics played TS so far. He will still mentor like in the comics, but it will not be the same as comics. In MCU that is and will be Peter Parker.

      Thor storyline will go the route of “Asgardians of the Universe”. They did not go “Thorina” (WOW the backlash) but they created their version of it with Valkrie. She may not be Thor but she is Thor as ruler of Asgard.

      The Trinity will remain but not gone. No matter how many “fillers” they make the Trinity will not be replaced. Except F4. When they destroy the multiverse and go back to one 616 timeline, hence full reboot, those characters will remerge once again.

    • Denis Ho says:

      But avengers already ended. So the rest of mcu would be solo films.

  12. Whitetornado864 says:

    leaked report saying Noobmaster69 is getting a solo film

  13. Chasing Macario says:

    Part of the journey is the end.

    Brace yourselves: Young Avengers are coming!

  14. Aileen Castaneda says:

    “Let me go.”
    -Natasha Romanoff 2023

    “I. AM. IRONMAN.”
    -Tony Stark, 2008-2023

    I love you, 3000.

  15. Gwalla Bear says:

    What Guardians 3 is going to be Asgardians of the Galaxy?

  16. darkblue 478 says:

    Started with a “i am Iron Man”
    And ended white the same sentence.
    After everything that happened,and after all the judging,Stark sacrificed his life in the most heroic way to bring back life to everyone.
    He was and will always be a true hero.
    We love you 3000❤️

    • Lazarussoul 82 says:

      Was that white he said???? He really died white that line…..

    • Desmond CJK says:

      Black Widow: Am 1 a j0k3 tO yoU?

    • Monster Jam 85 says:

      Not to take anything away from you but Hulk’s snap brought back everyone. Tony’s snap was a sacrifice to eliminate Thanos for good, because if he didn’t, Thanos would have never stopped.

    • Monster Jam 85 says:

      +Rex TrollXD to us it was 7 seconds. To him it was over 70 years.

    • Monster Jam 85 says:

      +The Survivalist they could just go back in time then temporary take the time stone again so strange could do the exact same thing… It would be pointless to have that villain come back. But who knows they might surprise us.

  17. AR Ioon says:

    its wouldn’t be the same without RDJ and iron man..the next phase of MCU is unpredictable

  18. Dhruv Patel says:

    We gonna ignore ‘Asgardians of the Galaxy’? Unless im trippin Thor has to be on GOTG V3 o.O

  19. WoofieArtsAlot says:

    This is what will happen in the next stage of the mcu:

    *picture of Peter Parker’s face*


  20. Keegan Parris says:

    You forgot iron mans daughter wearing peppers blue iron helmet which shows she may become some type of iron man hero

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