This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President

This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President

‘Face the Nation’s’ ‘John Dickerson had the willpower to ignore the President’s insults during their conversation in the White House. Luckily, Stephen doesn’t have that same constraint.

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20 Responses

  1. Blazerak says:

    11:12 One of the most savage roasts in history…

  2. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    The only thing lower than Trump’s IQ is the bar for becoming president.

  3. Vu Oanh says:

    #Colbert 2020

  4. Jason Blade says:

    “I am a detailed oriented person” this said by Trump is the best joke of 2017

  5. Lin Dzay says:

    I’m sorry, you thought being ‘The President of the United States of America’ would be what now?!?

  6. Ali Dan says:

    One of Colbert’s best monologues

  7. KingOfMadCows says:

    Trump is still driving… this nation into the ground.

  8. Roberta Carina says:

    “Mr. President, if I came to the oval office and saw you sitting behind the desk, I’d cry too.” COLBERT IS ON FIIIIIIIRE! Maaan, I love him so much!

  9. Desert Fox says:

    He went hard in dis bitch

  10. Danny Este says:

    I lost it at “you have more people marching against you than cancer”

  11. Morgan Jess says:

    Holy fuck….he just ripped him a new asshole. Stephen gets more brutal everyday

  12. UpJohn 2.7 says:

    Drumpf is cornered so he dismisses Dickerson, sat in his chair look at them papers and pretend he can read…

  13. Alex van den Broek says:

    Trump was ever only interested in that office because it would help convince himself he’s even more important than he already thought he was.. The guy needs a straitjacket, not the presidency of the US.

  14. Nilrebave says:

    One thing I still admire about USA is their freedom of speech.

  15. Turbid TG1 says:

    @11:44-11:48, Damn, Stephen went pure savage on Trump, can’t wait to see what Stephen says if Trump gets impeached/resigns!

  16. Timbone says:

    He insulted the journalist to his face. What a disgrace, I would have ended the interview then and there

  17. Marcus Pun says:

    John Dickerson is one of the most respected journalists on TV. The way Trump treated him was trailer trash to the max and COWARDLY. He deserved EVERY word Colbert ripped his new asshole with. His take on your lack of historical knowledge about the Civil War was spot on. Trump is an ignorant illiterate con man, high functioning trailer trash. If he was born to poor parents he’d be refilling Slurpee machines. And the voters on the right who buy into the mainstream media being evil and biased are like the con’s marks who believe the con artists when they tell them to listen to no one else, just them.

  18. Rara Zap says:

    I LOVE STEPHEN COLBERT! Please hire bodyguards, Trump must be so mad. (unintelligible)

  19. Tanvi Purohit says:

    The best line was, ‘if I walked into the Oval Office and saw you sitting there, I’d cry too.’ This was one of the best monologues given by you! Please comtinue to keep us sane for the next 4 years or as you called it 1368 days!?

  20. ArmoredChocobo says:

    Trump: “Fake news! They never listen or talk about other opinions”

    CBS: “Okay, I want your opinion, you’re the President”

    *Trump walks away in a huff*

    We have a fucking child in the White House. Thanks, ignorant hicks.

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