Thomas Train Stunts

Thomas Train Stunts

Thomas the Tank Engine goes pro skater and pulls off some sick jumps with his train friends. Filmed with an iPhone SE at 120 frames per second.

Music “EINAG” by Mewnlight Rose

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Knex Roller Coasters:
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Hot Wheels:

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Any “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” fans out there?

2017 – 5 Mad Movie Makers

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20 Responses

  1. Clash_with _Jaden says:

    This is fucking lit broπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. Hydro says:

    What the fuck

  3. Loffy says:

    0:50 can’t handle the stress * looks away from screen * _PHEW!_ they made it!

  4. Merle Therrien says:

    This is more radical than an islamic extremist.

  5. 77Boarhunter says:

    Hey man its Jacob I’m pretty sure we met at Mt. Hermon this summer another great video, great job!

  6. ZephPlayz says:

    this is exactly the type of things i want to see on trending

  7. Aron Bartusel says:

    Dank December

  8. xApemanx says:

    Thomas the Dank Engine

  9. Cup o' Joe says:

    Slowmo? Playback speed 0.25 x. Thank me right here and now πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  10. Thomas Tannerton says:

    4 on trending? How

  11. Ozzy says:

    This is the greatest video on the internet

  12. snapshot23 says:

    why am i here

  13. The Drunk Guy says:

    Dank on trending

  14. CosmicDroid says:

    What an emotional roller coaster, 10/10 still better love story than twilight

  15. no name says:

    O shit my boi thomas got dem skills

  16. dark minimizer says:

    Trains gone insane

  17. Maxire says:

    Out of focus almost the entire sequence? iPhone SE magic!

  18. Rookie ODST says:

    I wish he used a Dank version of the Thomas the Train theme song ..)

  19. Levi Stryker says:

    That shit was tight as fuck

  20. Somadove says:

    What am I doing with my life .

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