Thoughts on Getting Robbed

Thoughts on Getting Robbed

Pewdiepie robbed not epic
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63 Responses

  1. Janish Jain says:

    “He’s a millionaire he’ll be fine”


  2. Noemi C. says:

    “The perfect emptiness is in your head Plato”
    Oldest mic drop in the history of mankind.

  3. Kevun br gameing •69 years ago says:

    Pewdiepie talks about Diogenes

    The whole world : *homeless people gone up to 99.99 perceny!*

  4. Lavuh says:

    Mum: get off YouTube and go do something productive

    Me: watches pewdiepie and learns more things than I’ve ever known

  5. Can This Pen Get 10k Subscribers? says:

    “He’s a millionaire, he’ll be fine”

    just everyday in twitter

  6. leon napo says:

    “He’s a millionaire, he’ll be fine.”
    … what kind of human being who would say that in public??

  7. 10.000 Subs with 0 videos Challenge? says:

    Imagine robbing a house and then you see a legless man playing minecraft or terraria

    • potatoes uwu says:

      @รัตนาภรณ์ เอ็ดมันดส์ it’s from a stupid shopping cart meme from way back

    • Mr. Zesty says:

      @potatoes uwu hell, it’s older than that I thought. He’s been making comments for awhile before that

    • Kyle Smith says:

      @รัตนาภรณ์ เอ็ดมันดส์ yes

    • Geonic Publico says:

      @Jameson Cole – big funny.

    • TheTrueTerrydactyl says:

      รัตนาภรณ์ เอ็ดมันดส์ it’s a very old joke that originated because we never saw his legs so we jokingly decided he had no legs

  8. Jeus says:

    Me: *sees pewds shit in the middle of the street*
    Also me: mhhhhh yes Diogenes

  9. Gem Games says:

    “Alexander the Great found the philosopher looking attentively at the pile of human bones, Diogenes explained “I am searching for the bones of your father but cannot distinguish them from the bones of a slave”

  10. Imanity says:

    I dont think people realize how lucky we are to have an actually good king of youtube.

    Imagine we had Jake Paul….

    That would be the worst timeline….

  11. Don’t watch my videos you will regret it says:

    “He’s a millionaire, he’ll be fine”
    Jesus christ. Being robbed doesn’t just affect your money, a robbery is an invasion of privacy.

  12. Valeran Saves says:

    I would 100% whatch you summarize books or “knowledge” like this

  13. TimKovich says:

    “We live in a society”
    Diogenes: “That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo.”

  14. Error 404 says:

    “He is a millionaire, he’ll be fine”
    Well yes he’ll be fine, but not because he is a millionaire, but because he have a big brain

  15. Johann Alyosha Van Tassel says:

    “He’s a millionaire, he’ll be fine”
    Your bank account doesn’t define you, the worst part is how what they took could have made you or Marzia hurt

    • Regular Username says:

      Or if they had been home. They could have been hurt

    • Lien Link says:

      i doesn’t agree, to me everything you own define you in some way, but more importantly it’s what you do with what you own that truly define you

    • Oldpro87 says:

      damn, truuuee.. kuz if your bank account defined you then i would be inside plato’s head..! i ain’t no featherless biped.. man’s on crack.. this joke became a ramble.. emptiness.. i’d be emptiness ..

  16. 25k subs with no videos? says:

    Somebody: *Insults Diogenes*

    Diogenes: So… you have chosen death

  17. AZRsplitz says:

    The people who say “he has money he will be fine” have obviously never had anything stolen from them. The worst part about being robbed is not getting the stuff back,(insurance, investigation, etc) but feeling like you have been violated and not having those things for a while. It also gives a sense of fear that you aren’t really safe, which can really fuck you up just like it did to me.

    • Elson Ayson says:

      @Thousand Subs Before 2021? u are also like a robber in a different way, baiting people to watch ur video by lying that pewds liked it. People like u is cancer to society.

    • C Mitchell says:

      AZRsplitz exactly, and the idea that a home- something you associate with as secure, or somewhere where you can feel vulnerable without worry- has been unwillingly violated. Your guard is kept up, because if you cannot be sure that your own home can be safe, then where does safety really exist? Rhetorical as it is, it’s worth the thought.

    • aint nothing says:

      Weird flex but… ok

    • AZRsplitz says:

      aint nothing Old meme but… ok

    • J V says:

      AZRsplitz usually people that say that are thieves themselves

  18. BriZ says:

    Pewdiepie 2018: Thot Provoking
    Pewdiepie 2020: *Thought Provoking*

  19. Stormskrt 45 says:

    20% talking about him geting robed

    80% History class

  20. 1 subs before 2022 says:

    Me: “insults diogenes”
    Diogenes: “whips his shlong out”
    Me: fek

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