Thousands fill downtown Houston after march honoring George Floyd

Thousands fill downtown Houston after march honoring George Floyd

MARCH FOR GEORGE FLOYD: ABC13 gives you full coverage of the march that brought out thousands of Houstonians to downtown to honor George Floyd.


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35 Responses

  1. Amber Bygrave says:

    It was such a great experience to be apart of 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  2. SunnyBlovely Brown says:

    Houston 💪💪🏻💪💪🏾💪🏿 WE STAND TOGETHER

    • Kinks & Curls says:

      SunnyBlovely Brown you see she deleted her comment – lol 😂 yw sis

    • SunnyBlovely Brown says:

      @Kinks & Curls smh when you live in peace it’s hard to fall in your feels over flesh. I don’t play with the devil’s advocate.Continue to lead and inspire may God bless you abundantly 🥂

    • Kinks & Curls says:

      SunnyBlovely Brown thanks sis Louisiana here these racists are out be careful / bless ❤️🖤

    • SunnyBlovely Brown says:

      @Kinks & Curls fear no man but God. Live in peace queen you can’t feel it when you have to rest in peace. 🧚We are prayer warriors line up in your spirit you will experience peace.God got all those who believe in peace

    • Kinks & Curls says:

      SunnyBlovely Brown amen sis 🙏🏾❤️

  3. scheeenfilmiesgucke says:

    Ok so social distancing is over? Huddle up brothers and sisters!

    • Velo1010 says:

      scheeenfilmiesgucke They made the exception for protesting social issues but not for religion. Now churches seeing this crowd can open up to 100% capacity.

    • scheeenfilmiesgucke says:

      @Velo1010 I don’t know why they’re not using a bit more common sense while protesting though..

  4. Christian Lücke says:

    xD everyone seems to be immune to Covid 19.

    • Plazma says:

      Victor E. Caplon sure it is

    • Hugh 4 U says:

      Watching the number of cases just not rising be like 🤐

    • Michelle Passmore says:

      Add in Craigslist for paid destruction 20an hour. Go look
      Funded by Soro’s
      So what are we going to do to help President Trump against all the lies
      The Democrats are NOT the Democrats from before
      All this CHAOS is due to the Demons mostly on left and some on right. They’re only attacking POTUS to keep him from exposing the truth. They want us controlled
      So you better research because their playing us. They want to tear up the CONSTITUTION

    • IICrunk Bradford says:

      Aint no covid stoopid

    • Manuel Rivera says:

      Coronavirus wave 2: Electric Boogaloo

  5. Brian Thomas says:

    Now get ready to vote secure. Understand all positions on the ballot. ✌️

  6. shirley Closs says:

    Marc Matthews
    Tell US where you read that Brionna was a “drug attict”???
    Somehow I’ve missed that Info!!
    Really Curious!!! So now, if she’s a drug attict, it’s okay for Cops to kill her??? But whatever marc, where did you see that Info???

  7. Mario Esquivel says:

    Someone recorded video of a man getting murdered George Floyd I feel so sad for him may he RIP I hope that officergoes to prison for the rest of his life and never gets out you deserve to get life I don’t wish nobody nothing but they supposed to put that officer down put him to sleep

    • The Marvel says:

      His name was Captain David Dorn, but CNN will NEVER report it bc it doesn’t work for them to do so! He was killed by a looter!!!

  8. Ivan Walker says:

    The protesters are having smoke blown right up their asses!

  9. Mario Esquivel says:

    I believe in God and Justice will be served 🙏🌹💯💯💯😢😢🇱🇷🇱🇷😇😇🙏🙏

  10. Caren says:

    wanna be friends?

  11. Zhara T. says:

    Decipiine youth that was they don’t have no are not Organized

  12. shirley Closs says:

    I don’t think coming out of the closest is the Issue here.
    Stay on course for the “REAL” issue at hand right now!!! Just Stop!!!

  13. Albert Elizondo says:

    I was at the march and everything was great but a moment that rubbed me wrong was Mayor Sylvester Turner’s speech at City Hall where he says That Houston is Diverse with people of Asian, Hispanic, Latino, African American backgrounds but doesnt also mention the white population of houston thus snubbing them unnecessarily. Very unprofessional and subtleties like these are not helping sow together the growing divide in the nation

    • H I says:

      He was basically saying that the “minority” base is diverse. It should be assumed there are white people here.

    • Albert Elizondo says:

      @H I I would agree if he actually used the term “minority” when describing Houston’s population which he did not, his words were of the Houston population as a whole. And not mentioning whites would have not agitated the very small number of protesters who support anti-white semitism in the crowd which is disgusting becuase of the overwhelming support from white people as protesters themselves

  14. Bambang Samudera says:

    Wah rame…

  15. Valecia Farrar says:

    It was an amazing day. I brought my niece so she can learn to use her voice to incite change. I love my city

    • Velo1010 says:

      Valecia Farrar Change for the black community? If they want real change they had better start with their culture. Putting blame on the whites is racist. Look at every sports team, the movies being produced, and other businesses. You see successful blacks. So what’s the excuse of the others who don’t have they have?

  16. L N says:

    ALL LIVES MATTER:) and stay safe from Covid 19!

  17. Ivan says:

    Covid 19 is having fun

  18. Aadennatyag x says:

    Notice how this is a peaceful protest

  19. jesse818 says:

    Covid 19 suddenly disappeared over a night. I guess Trump was right.

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