Three-Word Stories with Benedict Cumberbatch

Jimmy and Benedict Cumberbatch take turns telling stories three words at a time to get each other to guess a mystery word.

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Three-Word Stories with Benedict Cumberbatch

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19 Responses

  1. Sixpounder says:

    Beneficial Cucumber is awesome

  2. Sophia Cook says:

    Benedict should have just said “shake, shake, shake” and Jimmy could have
    said “shake your booty” hahahahaha 

  3. centurytunaadobo says:

    have tom hiddleston on the show pls. 

  4. Avni Mohindra says:

    I liked this game, to funny! 

  5. A Adu says:

    lol Benedict: “You’ve got to shake…” Jimmy: “Shake it off.”

  6. Deborah Hawkins says:

    That took too long lol.

  7. A Adu says:

    lol Jimmy’s guess at 2:58 is so accurate

  8. Deb Hawkins says:

    That took too long. lol

  9. Chance Ondriezek says:

    Cumberbatch is badass. 

  10. saramgeorge says:

    Benedict ACTUALLY associated ‘booty’ as a pirate term for ‘money’.
    Gosh, the Sherlock team are really on about Sherlock loving pirates aren’t
    they… haha

  11. Dewoy1 says:

    Ahahah Monye for Kanye what a great t shirt idea

  12. AleahKCH says:

    Money for Kanye lmao!!!!!!

  13. ThesafilmsLP says:

    He should have started with “I like big….”

  14. sdingray says:

    he’s so handsome. im a guy and i think im pregnant now

  15. TheEsilla says:

    What is he saying at 2:25 ?

  16. bingosh27 says:

    maybe we should ask julian assange. he can help. =)

  17. Ike Ukazu says:

    I love that theme song!

  18. Valeria BK says:

    this game was a fail

  19. Emily Ornelas says:

    I’m just trying to figure out why he didn’t just say ‘My anaconda don’t’