Throttle for v8 paper engine

Throttle for v8 paper engine

Paper throttle for paper engine )

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20 Responses

  1. JoeJoe The Capybara says:

    That’s cool

  2. Google Smith says:

    all we have to do now is make a paper car and enlarge it! B RILLI ANT! I

  3. Ev3nflow™ says:

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get more detailed.

  4. ZasekV says:

    Oh my, that’s amazing!

    Have you uploaded the template by any chance? I’d be very interesting to
    build that myself.

  5. Rhys Webster says:

    how cool would a full paper car be xD powered by air

  6. Mark Isaacson says:

    This thing got VTEC?

  7. Dominic Levy says:

    Hi Aliaksei, I’m trying to get in touch about an opportunity for your
    video. Please message me if interested.
    You can also reach me at

  8. Johnny Threefour says:


  9. SunlessLime says:

    can I power my car with this?

  10. Kyle Donahue says:

    Ur god

  11. TheAGCteam says:

    You should sell tiny kits to build these if you ask me.

    Also don’t forget to patent that shit.

    You’re welcome.

  12. bamsebomsen says:

    asmr hurrah

  13. Stephen Miller says:

    This was created by either an engineer or a virgin. Or both.

  14. Cubize - CS:GO and more! says:

    Do a manual transmission and/or turbo(w/ blow off valve aka stu stu stu stu
    noise) next 😉 I would literally shit myself if a “paper turbo w stu stu”
    came up in my feed *-*
    If you did please for the sake of kindness post a template xD I’ve been
    having such a must do feeling about a paper turbo for an eternity :p

  15. planesrift says:

    you must be a wizard, or german

  16. Chris K says:

    Not bad.

  17. chevy vortec max says:

    still sounds better than a prius

  18. Toxinzz says:

    This sounds louder than my 5.0 mustang on red line

  19. chris hazen says:

    that is genius, go to fucking MIT or some shit

  20. HighAnders says: