TIKTOKS you need to watch

TIKTOKS you need to watch


👕LAZAR Merch – https://shoplazar.com/
🎥SECOND CHANNEL – https://www.youtube.com/user/CrushSlash
🩳LAZAR SHORTS – https://www.youtube.com/LazarShorts
🐤TWITTER – https://twitter.com/lazarbeam
📘 FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/LazarBeamLannan/
📷INSTAGRAM – https://instagram.com/lazarbeamyt

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35 Responses

  1. Imack Studios says:

    Omg he uploaded more than 1 video in a week😱

  2. Kuzshika says:

    You have a Rooster? Me too.

  3. sns Hassan says:

    U know it’s a good day when lazarbeam uploads twice in a week and that covers it up for the next 2 weeks

  4. Quincy says:

    The “I’m Bored” song should be the intro for TikTok bored videos

  5. SupremeX says:

    Who else literally feels like YouTube is their best friend during Covid-19?

  6. QMANN ! says:

    The I’m bored song should be his Theme Song for “IM BORED” videos

  7. eggie. boi says:

    To be honest your mc survival series was one of the BEST things to ever exist and I wouldn’t mind seeing a season 2 on a brand new world.

  8. Superraymemer says:

    did lanan really just say i cant wink with one eye

  9. Ethans Trains says:

    “I am bored with lazarbeam” will forever live within the YouTube history

  10. Cole Lee says:

    Him saying he’s the happiest he’s ever been,him:still being deppressed

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