Time Names Its 2017 Person Of The Year: Silence Breakers | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Time Names Its 2017 Person Of The Year: Silence Breakers | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Time Magazine has announced its 2017 Person of the Year is the ‘Silence Breakers,’ the ones ‘giving voice to open secrets.’ Included in the list are Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift, Uber engineer Susan Fowler and more.

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Time Names Its 2017 Person Of The Year: Silence Breakers | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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74 Responses

  1. Fiona Hill says:

    Well done Time Magazine!!!

  2. Kevin L says:

    Somewhere Trump is crying lol

    • Kevin Lopez says:

      ernie green
      Please President Pampers needs his pacifier. Sounds like you just need an agent Orange enema.

    • Whaledog says:

      So why did 53% of white women vote for Donald Trump?

    • Captain Black says:

      Whaledog yup. Why indeed. Because of lies, interference, because they didn’t want Hilary. Many reasons. Doesn’t mean he should be there. Doesn’t make him truthful, a good man….gawd! He wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him with impeachment….when it hits him with impeachment. Whatabout, whatabout…

    • JUST TIED says:

      Whaledog maybe they were identifying with their abusers. Frfr

  3. Trina Holman says:


  4. Fleck Smugbrother says:

    Thank god it wasn’t you know who………

  5. fnikitathomas says:

    Hopefully next year it’ll be Mueller on the cover …

  6. L1Games says:

    Trump must be very upset that outspoken women have been chosen over him. LOL

  7. XHellXGeistX says:

    2017: The year of sexual harassment, tax cuts, nuclear brinkmanship, and all sorts of inane presidential insanity – with a tinge of racism mixed in.

    Who knows what wonders 2018 will bring? War with Iran? War with North Korea? Another Intifada? Russia scandals? Race riots? Or just a straight up Nuclear Holocaust?

    So exciting! America is set to make 2018 a year to remember. Can’t wait!

  8. Luis Lopez says:

    Remember these good old boys network in the rural south and the neanderthal city areas are working hard to
    oppress and shut out the voices of woman’s rights and the charges that are needed to be made at these lower profile offenders

    • BlaqueCzar says:

      Luis Lopez That good ole boys network is the root of every problem in America including Trump being elected.

    • Luis Lopez says:

      BlaqueCzar Agree completely. They have always pulled us back from progress.

    • Deborah Freedman says:

      It is not just Conservatives. Even in liberal Los Angeles sexual harassment is very common. In the 80’s, as a computer programmer working for a bank there I was constantly pursued by my project leader. I told my boss about the harassment, and he said that I should just comply, that I needed to chose between my marriage and my career. I had male co-workers who were willing to testify for me, but was told, by other women, a law suit would see me blacklisted. The attitude was, this is part of the corporate world, get used to it. My only choice was to get another job and hope that nobody at the new job took a fancy to me. Before graduating college, I worked for a while at a Bob’s Big Boy. The fondling, harassment and sexism the waitresses put up with was terrible. This happens in many work environments. Even otherwise enlightened males have been known to force themselves on others. This sickness has been in our society for a long time and will take a while to weed out. Jail time for prominent harassers would be a good start. A change in the rules of the House and Senate would be a welcome signal that this will no longer be tolerated.

    • Uhlersoth77 says:

      Deborah Freedman I’m so sorry you had to go through that. You were strong to deal with that kind of pressure. The only real harassment I’ve experienced has been verbal in the form of crass remarks (in part because I always make sure anyone is well outside of reach). Because of a condition I have an aversion to touch, and I don’t know if I could have stayed sane if I were groped regularly. At any rate, I thoroughly welcome the spotlight being shone on this problem.

  9. David Marquez says:

    The best choice Time has done ever.

  10. shop tube says:

    Great decision by Time.

  11. Monty Pryor says:


  12. {Señorita} says:

    They should had all the women #45 molested and assaulted on the cover.

  13. Steph says:

    Thank you Time Magazine. Thank you brave women.

  14. Shavauna Ronan says:

    Love the “Persons of the Year” Times Cover. As a female, it means a lot to me.

  15. Monty Pryor says:

    That’s a big ol F-U #45 LOL

  16. Betty Berk says:

    How IRONIC that we are hitting hard to break the culture of sexual harassment and the President, and now the Republican party are promoting a person who has many stories of pedophile charges coming forward about him for Senator of Alabama! I am flabbergasted!

    • Empower Politics says:

      Old World View vs. New World View. Their day is OVER and they know it. But they’re going to go out kicking and screaming the whole way- doing as much damage as they can. But the human race is beginning to grow up. These are the birthing pangs.

    • Bear Arms says:

      What do you mean by THEIR? Everyone in the world will know that Amercans elected a pedophile into the Senate, that AMERICANS are horrible hypocrites who are ok with pedophilia.

  17. Phillip Lopez says:

    It is good to see Time poke the president in the eye .

    • Central Scrutinizer says:


    • PK Saenz says:

      Don Williams + Trump not only was not on the Cover of Time, but Women that have been sexually assaulted, Grabbed, and abused have now come forward and Were on the Cover of Time Magazine . That is called Karma!

      Don, how old are you? Over 18? Maybe you should buy a Time Magazine an read it for yourself. Or ask a parent or Teacher. Did you listen to this video?

      Now there are many men being accused of abuse towards women, as Trump has been in the past, and yet they have lost or quit their jobs, because of the consequences of their unacceptable actions, but not Trump. so…Why not Trump, shouldn’t he lose his job like everyone else or is he just above the Law?
      See Roy Moore lie like Trump and his deplorable actions, videos!

  18. Michael Kiel says:

    Guess Who Will Say “Fake Cover”

  19. Chris Teet says:

    This is a big middle finger to Trump, Moore, Cosby, and other repugnant, disgusting monsters like them. Well-played Time, bravo.

    • tim murray says:

      Chris Teet the Monsters are the DEMOCRATS YOU SKIPPED

    • Chris Teet says:

      tim murray: The Democrats aren’t the ones openly endorsing a pedophile for a seat on the US Senate.

    • Uhlersoth77 says:

      Chris Teet Meanwhile, there is mounting pressure by Democrats (many of them women) for Al Franken to step down.

    • Chris Teet says:

      Uhlersoth77: And at the same time the Republicans are turning a blind eye to the *multiple* allegations against both Moore and Trump. What does that tell you?

    • Uhlersoth77 says:

      Chris Teet Exactly. It’s a moral issue for Democrats, since losing Franken could possibly be a liability down the line. But if Franken resigns, in addition to Conyers stepping down, it will also highlight a key difference between the two parties. “We Democrats condemn sexual assault. Republicans are willing to turn a blind eye for political gain.”

      As for Republicans, I think they’re making the bet that if Moore wins, it will be a political ace, at least in the short term. But they also risk alienating any women’s vote that isn’t a hard line Trump supporter, and if Moore loses the election anyway that could be a rough hit. Not only that, but it could potentially carry over in ’18, and possibly even in ’20.

  20. killercaos123 says:

    Was it really that hard for Time to simply put an “s” on “Person”?

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