TIME TO SUE YOUTUBE! Or You Could Just Not Be An Idiot…

TIME TO SUE YOUTUBE! Or You Could Just Not Be An Idiot…

HUMP DAY! Hope you’re kicking some ass this week, Nation! 🙂
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Marijuana Revenue: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-04/legal-marijuana-sales-‘bigger-than-dot-com-boom’/8161218

Vermont Gov Pardons: http://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/04/us/vermont-marijuana-pardons.html

Free Joints for Inauguration Day: http://www.wusa9.com/news/local/free-marijuana-on-inauguration-day/381730160

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20 Responses

  1. Marcos Amparo says:

    My ex girlfriend Erica Sanchez cheated on me and she watches Phil’s videos
    and I wanted to let her know this, “FUCK YOU” I hope you see this!

  2. Philip DeFranco says:

    Pro Life Tip: Don’t jump off of buildings. You’re welcome. My job here is
    done. Happy Wednesday to ya!

  3. SpIdAgRaY says:

    You should see the tweets between Wendy’s & the Game Grumps (Brian
    specifically, although Arin is in love with them). Whoever runs the Twitter
    is just plain awesome.

  4. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    I think pot should be treated like alcohol. Legal with some restrictions on
    the youth and a penalty for offering it to them. I personally would never
    use the stuff, but if we’re allowed to drink ourselves to death, shouldn’t
    we be allowed a small high?

  5. only half bad 333 says:

    Synthetic weed kills more ppl than real weed. Why is synthetic weed a

  6. Isaiah B says:

    let’s sue the pool for not catching him

  7. 4theloveofDub says:

    Honestly I think it is God’s fault… if God never made water this guy
    wouldn’t have the urge to jump into it. I think he should sue Christianity
    for 1 billion dollars so he can buy bionic legs and be able to jump into
    all the water everywhere.

  8. Rachel Hunter says:

    Phil that pink shirt is your color! Pulling it off and looking sexy.

  9. CASE says:

    Pink Season was the best thing in this first week of the new year

  10. Marlar House says:

    Never ever try to bully a redhead. We’ve been dealing with it since
    childhood and have learned to verbally defend ourselves. #DontMessWithWendy

  11. 40E Trinity Robotics says:

    I would still buy a tesla because Elon Musk is my hero

  12. Johnny Mayfield says:

    Im 27. I do not smoke weed. I never have and I never will. I don’t smoke at
    all to tell the truth. I hate the smell of pot and cigarette smoke. But I
    still believe pot should be legalized and have a giant “sin tax” placed on
    it. Put a 21 year old age requirement on it and be done with it.

  13. wishbone346 says:

    In my opinion if you watched his videos you have no right to complain about
    him asking for money to pay the medical bills. You consumed his stupid as
    entertainment. You contributed to him being able to gain fame and money
    from this. I’m not saying you should donate, but don’t act all high and
    mighty. It’s like someone who watches the Kardashians’ TV show and then
    whines about them being famous. You’re half the problem.

  14. Francois Lacombe says:

    Ok, why not sue the idiots who designed a pool with such hard edges?

  15. Gasoline Station says:

    Shame the American Healthcare system is so financially detrimental. Yes he
    should pay for his own bills but $112,000 for a foot injury? Is this normal
    in America? Because that sounds insane to someone from a country with free

  16. Carlos Salazar says:

    He did something stupid, not something evil, stop treating him as if he was

  17. AutumnOnFire says:

    Man, i’m completely fine with people smoking weed. I just wish it didn’t
    fucking smell like if Rank Ass was a perfume.

  18. MemeMaster 420xX says:

    Talk about the pieces of shit who kidnapped and tortured a special needs
    kid and said “fuck trump” and “fuck white people” during it. This isn’t
    getting any attention. But if white kids kidnapped a special needs black
    kid and said “fuck black people” it would be everywhere in the news.

  19. Not So Melancholy says:

    I shot someone with a gun! Time to sue the gun company for killing that

  20. Joe Bob says:

    I work at Wendy’s I can definitely confirm it’s not frozen!