Tina Fey Developed Early – The Graham Norton Show

Tina Fey Developed Early – The Graham Norton Show

Tina Fey talks about her early physical develop and the trip to the store to try bras with her mother.

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20 Responses

  1. Emil Z says:

    Tina Fey, you are awesome! Watching you on Weekend Update was what got me
    into political satire. Now I’m taking courses in environmental politics.

  2. DrageeReborn says:

    Tina Fey is pure awesome!

  3. Steven Cassidy says:

    Who the hell is Tina Fey? We don’t get SNL in Britain? Thank god for Josh

  4. Llphi says:

    She’s awesome, we are so proud of her in Philly!

  5. NJCUJan says:

    “Like a young Martina Navratilova.”

  6. Ben786 says:

    “Cutscene to a J.C. Penny’s in Philadelphia it’s ‘NO MOMMY, NO!'” xD

  7. Orlando Rakim says:

    she is amazing. that is all

  8. Maria Sharp says:

    “A young Martina Navratilova…” I literally laughed out loud!

  9. IamCarbon says:

    “NO MOMMY NO” lol That is so funny and yet cringe worthy at the same time.

  10. Ced Rolyes says:

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    His resurrection from the dead. Then, by his son Jesus Christ to provide
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  11. Yolanda Rizo says:

    I love Tina fey so damn much

  12. JoeFuton says:

    God ppl watch somethin that actually expands ur minds. This is nonsense.
    You probably send ur $10 a month to some charity that uses it in their own
    pockets n it makes u feel good. Wake up n make a difference in your

  13. poop says:

    My dad cheated and came in third LOLOL

  14. Kelly Swanson says:

    Liz Lemon? Is that you?

  15. David Boos says:

    I miss watching this show. BBC America is currently having issues with the
    delivery process and currently airing repeats of old episodes … from last
    year … when Graham had no beard.

  16. marsipannable says:

    Love tina fey.

  17. Manuel Wimmer says:

    Hey how’s it going? You’ve Improved. broken swift What’s happening..

  18. Nathan Franks says:

    this show is the best thing to come out of Britain since us.

  19. Carloman M says:

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  20. Torri Johnson says:

    He won second and third for the vanilla ice look alike contest.