Tina Fey Returns to SNL

Tina Fey Returns to SNL

Tina Fey hosts Saturday Night Live on May 19, 2018, with musical guest Nicki Minaj.


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55 Responses

  1. Bananone Bitch says:


  2. melancholy says:

    Tina Fey + SNL = iconic 💛

  3. ritz crackerton says:


  4. Elie Breton des Loÿs says:

    What a way to end the season! Tina Fey will be amazing!

  5. Stephanie Sui says:


  6. AnimalsAndReports says:

    Wasn’t Kenan Thompson still around then❓lol

  7. Atypical Albert says:

    SNL’s way to calm us down after last weeks fiasco

    • Hailee Von Trachtenberg says:

      we can forget about schumer since she was wedged between two legends.

    • jesse Nathan says:

      Well, I liked that episode. I liked Day You Were Born and Graduation.

    • nodoginthefight says:

      The only known antidote to Amy Schumer is Tina Fey.
      (Plus, Poehler and Rudolph will be popping in for sure.)

    • chas ames says:

      Who taught you to hate?

    • Andrew Panek says:

      Daniel Watson who hurt you so much that you’ve reduced yourself to calling Tina Fey a bitch online? Even if you don’t care for her humor you have to admit that her comedy is tasteful, original, and crafted with care unlike amys lame juvinile stabs at humor. I’m shocked and appalled that someone would choose to be so hateful as to to disregard the legend that is this woman and just call her a bitch. It’s disrespectful to yourself to broadcast to the world that you lack the care and understand to evaluate anyone even a little before calling them a bitch

  8. Tickety Blue says:


  9. ChopAndBrew says:

    Thanks, real life Meat Cat!

  10. ejoshcoron says:

    I love Tina so much. I hope she brings 30 Rock back

  11. ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW says:

    Yes, back on the good host list. No more Amy Schumer ever please.

  12. Ro G says:

    Blerg! Night cheese! I want to go to there! Lemon out!

  13. iYourAverageGamer says:

    Now THIS is more like it. Anyone claiming the hate on Amy Schumer was because she’s a woman look no further than the reception to this, a woman host with actual TALENT!

    • Alex Ruland says:

      iYourAverageGamer tons of comics have been accused of this yet they do not get the hate amy does. Unfortunately most of it was purely parrel thinking. Sick of people looking past the great things she’s done for women in comedy. It’s basically the same reason Sarah Silverman got hated on until she did political stuff that got her more respect.

    • Alex Ruland says:

      Ro G love when people use the line not funny as a criticism. Comedy is subjective, ffs. Dane cook stole jokes all day and his career wasn’t hurt, until he disappeared on his own. It is sexism. If a dude did amy acts, plenty of them basically do, they’d get praised. The stolen joke stuff is debated. While I absolutely think some stuff is too close for comfort parrel thinking is a thing. Any other medium there is such a grey area to what is original, but with comedy people draw the line so black it’s like I rly think there’s more to it.

    • iYourAverageGamer says:

      Alex Ruland male comics don’t do the acts Amy does for a simple reason, they know it isn’t funny. We all know it isn’t funny. Stop trying to make this about something it’s not. You like her, cool, go for it. I don’t. Don’t try and tell me what my own reasons are for that thanks babe

    • Austin Pearce says:

      iYourAverageGamer it should’ve been Melissa McCarthy last week

    • klwint02 says:

      Alex Ruland What is parrel thinking? Is that like when you can’t decide if you like someone because they contributed to Blurred Lines but also Hidden Figures?

  14. Sidharth Rao says:

    This is their apology for Amy Schumer?

  15. Bad Fairy says:

    So f… funny.

  16. Vianney says:

    I am here for it!!!

  17. Asher Alberts says:

    Amy Poehler Better be there

  18. jesse Nathan says:

    Does anyone here know that she’s now a 5-timer?

  19. MOBROOKS says:


  20. Ismail Mayet says:

    Tina Fey is pretty

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