Tired of your terrible team? Switch sides with Bandwagon.net! – Riggle’s Picks

Tired of your terrible team? Switch sides with Bandwagon.net! – Riggle’s Picks

Rob Riggle gets you on the right bandwagon in this week’s edition of “Riggle’s Picks.”

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14 Responses

  1. mike b says:

    Betty White is 94 today. 9 out of 11. Would bang.

  2. Fedoryszyn Sports says:

    She won’t want to be a Hawks fan after today’s result, #SteelerNation

  3. jeffgordonfan2462 says:


    i see what you did there nfl……

  4. DarkHorse17 says:

    Lol ! ??

  5. Raul Luevano says:

    every decade alive

  6. Kelly Duewel says:

    Is that Anna Faris in the Vikings hat?

  7. spaztic4 says:

    Haha force awakens reference 0:49

  8. WCKicksAss says:


  9. Jacob Karman says:

    Happy Birthday Betty White……..

  10. Philip Morris says:

    The seafag fan bandwagon

  11. Daniel Mears says:

    Oh, so THIS is where the Steelers fans come from…

  12. MCPrimetime says:

    Why wouldn’t they set the site up? Its a lie!

  13. Justin Mason says:

    Is this what Drake stans use?

  14. xXgoturpistolaXx says:

    TR 8R: TRAITOR!!!