TL;DW – Every DCEU Movie Before Justice League

TL;DW – Every DCEU Movie Before Justice League

With Justice League approaching fast we rewatched all four movies in the DCEU so that you don’t have too. Spencer Gilbert breaks down the plot and things that will be important going forward!

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82 Responses

  1. Baby Boss Coloring Book says:


  2. The AZ Zombie says:

    It’s not called dceu any more the dceu has been debunked

    • xyoxus says:

      Well they don’t, they say DC Films nothing about a Universe which makes it just DCF it you want a short form.

    • Kyle Luebbe says:

      The thing about the title “DCEU” is that we had beem calling that that for at least a year before WB debunked it. I think they only did that because they want to separate themselves from their lackluster creations.
      Either way, they gave us no alternative, and if we just said “DC movies”, that would open up the opportunity to include the Nolan trilogy into the discussion, which is usually not going to apply when talking about cinematic universes.
      So again, with no alternative, DCEU it is!

    • Dawn of Justice Productions says:

      The AZ Zombie I like that idea better

    • Sammy Ariel says:

      So just DCU?

    • Dawn of Justice Productions says:

      Sammy Ariel Yea I’d say that’s better

  3. jackygomes says:


    • aydooknow says:

      To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the DCEU. The edginess is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of film and storytelling, most of the movies will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Batman’s ostensibly non-sensical morals, which are deftly woven into his characterisation. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these movies, to realise that they’re not just cool- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike the DCEU truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Joker’s catchphrase “Handsome HUNKA HUNKA!”. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Zack Snyder’s genius wit unfolds itself on their movie screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

    • Big Bong de la Theoden says:

      My sister’s name is Martha, looking for someone whose sister’s name is also martha so we can become best buds. Who up?

    • Music says:

      aydooknow Exactly. See despite your moronic attempt at sarcasm what you stated was true.

      Batmans morality isn’t complicated. It makes perfect sense.

      And Joker? Not a Snyder movie dipshit.

      MoS and BvS exhibit qualities average viewers can’t grasp like subtlety, foreshadowing, social commentary, and metaphor. And explore the deeper psychological underpinnings of these heroes and villains.

      Such a crime.

  4. Batman says:


  5. SuperdudeZA says:


  6. MC Langford says:

    Man of Steel-2013
    June 2017-Woman of Steel

  7. Takeoff says:

    Big respect for Spencer, but I would’ve preferred Hal’s soothing voice to catch me up on the DCEU

  8. Fisher 33 says:

    Just goes to show how lazily set up and rushed this franchise is.

    • Hunter Zolomon says:

      Hunter Zolomon
      Well this is awkward

    • Benovix The Epic Gamer says:

      So Persistent I apologise for calling you an idiot and for getting it wrong

    • Sammy Ariel says:

      I was literally just saying I wanted another Wonder Woman film before I see her in the Justice League.
      I don’t want them to throw the towel in, WW gave me hope, but get someone to think of the big picture, pace better & guide everyone.

    • Sammy Ariel says:

      +So Persistent The X-men, Watchmen & Guardians are a team in the comics & have less stand out characters with decades behind them (with a few exceptions Wolverine etc.) The group films went in fresh in with no previous individual movies, so they have the option to do stand alone ones, ala Han Solo, later if they want. With the Justice League we have had films about Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman but are going to have to learn about the Flash, Aquaman & Cyborg in the film, with them learning to work as a team, beating the bad guy & whatever else is going on in the plot. As we saw in Suicide Squad they tried to give backstory & individualize characters & get us to like them (or at least care if they succeed or not) but it failed, I do not want a repeat.
      Wonder Woman was literally an origins story & left some questions that I doubt will be answered in the JL. It would make sense for her to have a film which can give her a more complete developed character before being put into a team but we are not going to see that (certainly not before JL anyway.)
      DC is doing the same as Marvel… Marvel had some stand alone films before the Avengers, then in both Avengers they introduced new characters we knew nothing/ little about.

    • Fisher 33 says:

      Sammy Ariel That may be the case, but Marvel can get away with this stuff at this point; because, they have a fully developed universe that both fans and moviegoers can follow. DC is marketing exclusively to fans, and isolating moviegoers who nothing about these characters. I’ve never read comics, but I love the Marvel movies because all these heroes are introduced and developed within this franchise, instead of having to be familiar with the comics. This is why I’m not hyped for justice league, because I don’t know who flash, aquaman, or cyborg are (at least these iterations), where as all the marvel heroes appeared at one point or another before the big crossover.

  9. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    Jor-El saying to Kal-El that he could be the bridge is the between the world’s will be the theme for Aquaman as he has to be the bridge between Human and the Atlantean race.

  10. Bryan T says:


  11. Veggie Gamer says:

    So is Movie Fights coming back? I’ll by honest, it was kind of the only series on here that I watched regularly ^^; No hate, just saying 🙂

    • Jamail -van Westering says:

      Clarkey7163 why? The schmoedown with fake boring storylines hasn’t been good at all

    • TweeZy says:

      If Alicia is judge maybe I will start watching it. Didn’t really like the show to be honest.

    • Clarkey7163 says:

      I don’t mean the fake stuff, the Schmoedown is much more structured tournaments-wise. And while I do hate the narrative stuff, they do a great job at laying out the contendership and also offering different titles as well. Makes it more interesting and elevates the individual competitions IMO

  12. Chou YT says:

    am i the onnly one who thinks the DCEU is not that bad?

    • Benjamin P says:

      The idea that all Marvel films are the same is obviously false. Thor 3 is not at all like Winter Soldier, each Marvel series has a different tone. If you like DC better that’s fine, but a lot of the arguments against Marvel are flawed or flat out incoherent.

    • Sammy Ariel says:

      +Aiddon Yeah the Suicide Squad is atrocious but you not being able to follow the simple plot says more about you than the film…

    • Aiddon says:

      I had no clue what was going on in that I was wondering what was going on with the characters’ decisions. Seriously, nothing the characters do makes any sense. And the hilarious part is you can remove SS from the DC films timeline and nothing is lost (unless JL has some surprises in it)

    • Bay McCulloch says:

      i agree. i love marvel too, but im def a bigger DCEU fan. maybe cuz i like underdogs too 😛

  13. Dave Torres says:

    Man… Zod was and still the best villain in the DCU so far


    Please do this for the MCU, just before Infinity War.

    • Loganski Jones says:

      ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΠΑΤΕΡΑΚΗΣ that’s gonna take hella long

    • Philo Janus says:

      Tony Stark is a rich, arrogant jerk. Thor is an amiable lug. Captain America is a boy scout. Paul Bettany wins the award for “hugest role upgrade in history.” Yet another Spider-Man joins them, and there are some girls on the team, too.

      Okay, I think you’re all set.

    • Maverick says:

      Maybe if they just went over information relevant to the movie. Not sure we need to go through the plot of Ant Man to understand IW.

  15. KeeganMeyer'sClimax says:

    BvS is excellent
    Idc what anyone else says

  16. Jonathan Eilbeck says:

    Man of Steel: Good
    Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Car pileup with more cars crashing into it.
    Suicide Squad: I liked it.
    Wonder Woman: Good

    Those are my rankings.

  17. owlstag awn says:

    No thanks, i’m gonna binge watch them all before Justice League. I’ll still watch this video though.

  18. Budie Basri says:

    I can’t wait to see Justice Leagues. Who agrees with me?

    • Nathan Cardenas says:

      Budie Basri even though i hated most of the dceu, im genuinely excited to see what whedon and Geoff Johns have done with JL

    • kevin mahoney says:

      I can’t wait too for justice league i’m going to see it on thanksgiving day i’m watch it with my mom and dad in the theaters it’s going to be EPIC to on the big screen and I loved the cartoon justice league series that was my childhood.

    • Benovix The Epic Gamer says:

      I was skeptical but since the critics are saying it was flawed but entertaining I’m hyped

  19. Munchy says:

    You guys should of got someone who actually enjoys the DCEU to do this video. He was just being a bit of a killjoy every time he would complain about something

  20. Not your average Bear says:

    Don’t let anybody tell you that you shouldn’t love or enjoy all these films!!! If you truly love any of these films then continue to love them with pride! I️ even enjoy the extremely flawed SS for specific reasons. MoS is a beautiful underrated masterpiece and BvS: ULTIMATE EDITION is a misunderstood amazing piece of art.
    Wonder Woman was NOT the saving grace of this universe. It was an amazing addition to a divisive universe that satisfied the masses. Justice League will ultimately do the same if the tone is what I’m assuming it is. I️ can’t wait to experience Justice League with multiple groups of friends all weekend long. I’ve waited 29 years for this moment!!!

    • Camilo Ramos Paiva says:

      Not your average Bear I totally agree, this DCs movies are art like we haven’t seen in ages, no movie comes close to this beautiful visual masterpieces and amazing character arcs that make you shiver any second.
      Only the transformers films; attack of the clones and The Citizen Cane are capable of recreating such art, love all of this movies.

    • MasterMike 000 says:

      Not your average Bear
      You: “MoS is a beautiful underrated masterpiece and BvS: Ultimate Edition is a misunderstood amazing peace of art”


    • Sathya Narayanan says:

      Exactly my sentiments. BVS UE is a bloody masterpiece. Wonder woman was just a regular superhero movie with a woman in the lead – every time someone says it’s the best DCEU movie or the best superhero movie since dark knight, my face turns red.

    • vlawd5 says:

      It’s all crap

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