To My Best Friend, Corey La Barrie.

To My Best Friend, Corey La Barrie.

Forever appreciated.

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53 Responses

  1. Amanda Thompson says:

    This video wasn’t a mess and you have every right to feel all of the emotions you do. I appreciate you having the courage to be able to film a really raw and emotional video through this difficult time. I hope you find peace one day and we’re here to support you💙

  2. Graeme Matthews says:

    coreys like “you getting to sappy, lemme send that ice cream truck” miss you corey love you

    • Obinna Dimel says:

      🧢 he ain’t no Inanimate object. Gtfo

    • Destiny 9428 says:

      Obinna Dimel that’s not what they’re saying. They’re saying that Corey sent the ice cream truck as a sign that he’s there. And that’s how he was showing Crawford that he is always gonna be there to annoy him

    • Obinna Dimel says:

      Destiny 9428 but he didn’t pay to fill up mans ⛽️tank to drive da truck which mean he didn’t send it STOOPID

    • Corazon Got Corn says:

      @Obinna Dimel you’re obviously very oblivious.

  3. Sammie Ortega says:

    When he cried I cried. That ice cream truck was a sign for sure.

  4. Kylee Boucher says:

    the look of heart break and numbness is his eyes breaks my heart💔

  5. UHK 14 says:

    Corey is having everyone in heaven line up in a half circle rn

  6. shontel braxton says:

    Corey’s death was so unexpected, it just doesn’t feel real💔 it’s hard to say goodbye

  7. AngelKat22 says:

    I’m realizing that through his positivity and love that he kept on giving while he was on this earth means now that he’s gone he have to be the ones to pick up where he left off. It means we have to live for him now, we have to love harder, and smile stronger, and laugh louder, and just keep saying “oh well” to whatever life throws at us because that’s what he would want us to do. Breathe new life into your own for Corey and for yourself. Even though he didn’t live very long, he still lead a full life which is something I can only dream of saying. He’s an inspiration to many, including myself. I’m going to try to live the beat possible life and be the beat possible human being I can be because life is too fragile. And I can only hope I can leave as big of an impact in my life as Corey did in his. I keep telling myself not to be sad or cry but it’s hard. But we’ll all get through this together. One day at a time. Love you Crawford! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! I know it’s tough for you right now but it gets easier. I keep writing this everywhere but it’s something that I feel like every one of his friends would like to hear. I’m not going to say I’m sorry for your loss but instead say I’m happy for your gain. Because not only did you gain a forever friend but a guardian angel as well 💛🌻

  8. MoniMonster _ says:

    Notice how everytime time Crawford got upset the ice cream truck music got louder. 💙

  9. kati weber says:

    everytime crawford got really emotional the ice cream truck came or the sound got louder and i just know that’s corey up there trying to cheer him up and keep his thoughts on something different. 💙

  10. Ariana Carpenter says:

    When he first choked up, and the Ice cream truck passed by, I instantly knew that was Corey. I didn’t watch them all that often but the few times I got to watch his videos, he would brighten up my day and without a doubt always have me smiling. I catch myself thinking about him everyday. I’ve cried so many times. Like I said, I barley watched him, but every time I did, there was just something about him. It was almost as if we were friends. He was a literal Angel. He had such a genuine vibe. I love you Corey, U R Forever Appreciated. 💙💙💙💙💙

  11. Tim Mahler says:

    Yo Corey legit sent that truck for every time you’d interrupt him during an intro or something. Keep your head up brother. As sappy as it sounds, he’s always with ya. Guaranteed

  12. Alli Grace says:

    Corey isn’t going to let us forget him, I was on tiktok and I never once saw him on my for you page, but after that day, mans was all over it, I kept seeing his videos from his personal account and I said to myself “this man is never gonna stop😂god I love you Corey” he’s already continuing his shenanigans and messing with us all💙

  13. niamh kirk says:

    I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine losing my best friend, your so strong. He’s with you forever.

  14. Biz says:

    Man I watched everyone in this whole “group” since I was like 13. The connection all of you had was so strong and I’m so sorry one had to leave but I truly believe he’s still with you! I love all of you guys so much and you’re right, he will never be forgotten.

  15. Haile says:

    “If you don’t mind” Crawford, we hate that you have to make this video but we LOVE hearing these stories. Corey had such a big impact on your life, as well as ours. Thoughts and prayers💗. And do you notice every time you got super emotional, the ice cream truck drove by. It’s Corey🥺💞.

  16. Yoitsizzy says:

    I’ve never seen Crawford this hurt ever. And it hurts me to see him like this 🥺. You and Corey’s bond will always last forever. Stay strong Crawford, all of us are here for you.

  17. faith r says:

    The people who disliked the video are the ones who couldn’t see the like button with their teary eyes

    • Dana Abu Saifan says:

      No, if that is not the case, they are heartless people.


      Dana Abu Saifan agreeee

    • isabel cole says:

      I think I’m these situations some people press the dislike button because it’s such a sad situation, and it doesn’t feel right to ‘like’ something like this 🙁

    • PODFUN says:

      @isabel cole I pushed Dislike because he don’t give a fuck about himself or he would locked his ass up inside during the Corona virus now we all have to cry for this white boy shut the fluck up follow the rules

  18. keya says:

    No bestfriend should ever have to make a video like this.
    RIP Corey

  19. Anna Lamanna says:

    dude the look on his face broke me…. even tho he’s been through a lot crawford kinda always look happy but now he looks so broken inside ….. i’m so sorry ❤️❤️❤️ we love you ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Emara Valentine says:

    When I heard the news, my heart sank. I felt like I couldn’t even breath. Then I just let out a loud scream saying, “Please no!” It doesn’t even seem real. I’ve been crying everyday. Even though I never had the opportunity to meet Corey in person, I know he was such a good hearted and loving person. I’m so heart broken. I love Corey and will never stop!! I wish this didn’t happen! I’ve never wanted to go back in time so bad until now, to somehow prevent this.

    • Lais Moura says:

      I’m feeling the same way 🙁 I can’t sleep well, I am feeling tired and I don’t even feel hungry 🙁 I’m still in denial, even after all these pictures and videos. I’m just waiting for him to show up

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