Toast Dyno Day #1: Huge Problems Keep Us From Our 1,000+hp Goal!

Toast Dyno Day #1: Huge Problems Keep Us From Our 1,000+hp Goal!

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Struggles on the dyno on our first runs with Toast. We’re confident we’re on our way to reaching that 1000hp goal!

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68 Responses

  1. Cleetus McFarland says:

    I know we’re not running at the level we want to be just yet, but be patient and we’ll get the bald eagles off the ground! Thanks for understanding struggles happen with these new builds.

    • Sam Stuck says:

      @CleetusMcFarland you didn’t tell/show us what it made on the last pull!! Straight up bummed me out even rewinded the video to make sure i didnt miss it. Dying to know bro!

    • d j says:

      I don’t care how many videos it takes to get Toast to be a proper ripper, you keep making them, we will keep watching. You guys could make a video of you watching paint dry and I would watch the hell out of it.

    • Thomas Joseph says:

      I knew first pull it was a timing issue. esp since it was always happening at a certain RPM

    • Youtubeisbroken says:

      Cleetus McFarland mo boost mo problems *shirt*

    • Youtubeisbroken says:

      PeanutProductions what’s merican about NA? he set out to build bald eagle power not horsepower

  2. Allen Ashley says:

    I think its actually very important to show failures. We gain respect for you guys for getting through it. And it grounds working on cars into reality.

    • Ryan Bernard says:

      Especially that last part! Getting tired of crushing highschooler dreams. This shit is risky and isnt easy to do

    • Shane's Adventures says:

      I don’t see it as a failure but more as a learning curve. A possible very expensive curve, but hey, I would do it in a min if I had that kind of money

    • Eric Baumeister says:

      Agreed 110% You’re human, and this stuff happens to all of us. I fought a no start problem for 10 hours once which turned out to just be corrosion on a few B+ wires at my starter solenoid. It happens, and it sucks, but it’s all part of the fun. It’s how we earn our stripes in this hobby/work.

  3. Ed Wolfram says:

    On the third pull you can see the tach on the dyno jumping all over, crank or cam sensor is shot?

    • Ed Wolfram says:

      @Wayne Bollentin I got you I’m one of the ignorant ones on these.

    • Mikko Saarenketo says:

      i dont think so. That have allways jumped and doing some weird stuff.

    • ffhgu 07 says:

      Could also be that the dyno isn’t responding well to how loud the car is I remember they’ve had issues with that before

    • Mike Minnick says:

      Inertia dynos measure horsepower, not torque. You have to provide an rpm signal if you want a torque reading. Usually this is as simple as attaching an inductive clamp to a spark plug wire, just like you would a timing light. Also, this engine is coil-on-plug, and they are using a dual sync distributor, so no trigger wheel like an LS. I’m pretty sure Cleetus just has one of the 2 step settings wrong in the Holley. There are numerous strategies the ecu can employ to limit rpm, and some of them involve dropping cylinders as you approach your target rpm. That may be what the issue is. I guarantee you Kevin will figure it out if Cleetus doesn’t.

    • Nicholas Smith says:

      What stally is in it an it’s going to have basically what Leroy has for internalls

  4. Daniel Bruce says:

    Im thinking maybe some nascar exhaust pipes ???

  5. 4040pmora says:

    it stops RPM-ing?? Don’t play scrabble with James. (LoL)

  6. Austin Modelski says:

    Is your crank or cam sensor wrong? Is it expecting a different number of teeth and throwing all the calculations off?

    • Ribbityibzki says:

      It has a brand new Holley dual sync distributor. That provides cam and crank signals.

    • Juan Mares says:

      Ribbityibzki which is the problem. That dual sync needs adjusting which is why it’s always hitting That wall at 5800. They should have gone with a crank wheel setup which is more reliable

    • Austin Modelski says:

      @Brad Baerwald Yes, he could. If it is counting the wrong number of teeth, it would be off by a percentage, meaning it would compress all the data. You could probably tune around it by raising the RPM limit and adjusting all the mapping accordingly, but it would be messy and likely lead to problems.

    • Wayne Bollentin says:

      @Ribbityibzki exactly and I believe most saying it’s the cam and crank sensor are talking about the kind on an Ls etc. Those distributors are hardly ever the problem. People aren’t use to these kind of setups

    • Ribbityibzki says:

      @Juan Mares more reliable, yes, but the Holley dizzy is plug and play with the dominator ecu. I’m sure they chose it for simplicity sake. They need to put an actual timing light on it and verify timing in the ecu is actual timing so they can phase the distributor correctly.

  7. Blod Hgram says:

    High energy coil giving feedback in tach wire? Autometer makes a tach signal cleaner.

    • John Doe says:

      @ryancrazy1 I had a flaky cam sensor on my car. Ran like shit, no tach on the dash, but the COMPUTER was perfectly happy, dealership couldn’t figure out WTF was the problem. Finally took it to another place, they replaced the sensor and the car runs fine again. Well, as fine as a 2003 wanna-be Malibu CAN run that is.

    • Matthew Liota says:

      Def sounds like a dirty signal wire I wonder if they’re rocking a shielded Sig wire

    • Shane's Adventures says:

      @Matthew Liota – Because its faster to slap that on when your not looking for torque power but just horse power? My guess. I listed the options for DynoJet software and there are like 12 or more ways to read RPMs from any car system

    • Shane's Adventures says:

      I though it was because of the harmonic vibrations in everything touching that motor would cause the clamp for induction reading RPMs was moving around on the wire causing the wonky RPM readings. I’ve seen it before in their Dyno runs, it’s not uncommon either. But it doesn’t necessarily point to a sensor problem as some people are saying was wrong. Cleetus just needs to set the limiter and on to the next things

    • Dave Micolichek says:

      @Shane’s Adventures It should work right. I would figure it out, and get it right first.

  8. aTuWitty says:

    “We only made 700 hp, which was weak”.

    Me, eating breakfast burritos that I got in my 05 stickshift Focus that made 130 hp before it had 200k miles of abuse- “YA WTF THAT’S WEAK”

  9. AllCarGuy13 ! says:

    Itll go in higher rpm once you get the vtec solenoid fixed. Fix that and the bald eagles will grow more and more

  10. Anton Mendez says:

    “It’s way rich right? So we just need to spray it with nitrous” ? -James the GOAT

  11. TheFoyer13 says:

    I know what the problem is. The mullet hasn’t fully grown out yet.

  12. martijnvkk says:

    Maybe its a cool idea to contact a company who makes tires which give colour smoke and do white, red and blue?


    Thanks for all the upvotes!

  13. jim skelton says:

    Jeremy pacing around, he really wants to say, “give me the laptop junior!”

  14. Steven Plaskett says:

    You need to hub dyno with that big of a motor and the torque blowing the tires off every pull.

  15. Cole Thomas says:

    “Do I know why the rev limiter is doing that? No I do not. Am I gonna turn the rev limiter off? Yes I am!”

  16. tspectuning says:

    Cleeter: There’s a wall in my tune

    Coop: you built a wall?

    Cleeter: I built a wall

    James: Trump?


  17. Jon Denotter says:

    How much hp was the last pull? You guys didn’t show it?

  18. Cranky MotorSports says:

    Thanks for being real Cleeter, we don’t want fluff, we want reality!

  19. Isaac Jennings says:

    After Summernats, you guys need to put a big tire on it and drag race

  20. Brian says:

    Get Toast an “ANTIQUE CAR” tag! He’s over 25 years old, isn’t he?

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