Tom Brady Describes The Day After Losing A Super Bowl

Tom Brady Describes The Day After Losing A Super Bowl

‘Tom v Time’ star and ‘The TB12 Method’ author Tom Brady tells Stephen how to cope with losing a Super Bowl. (Not the Stephen will ever have to worry about that.)

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82 Responses

  1. Tim Fougere says:


    • The GOAT says:

      the goat without a doubt

    • Derek Savage says:

      If a team’s accomplishments are stats for a qb (which they shouldn’t fucking be you airheads) then Eli > Brady.

    • Matt Consigli says:

      Butthurt haters

    • Demaurié Webster says:

      lisa ROXXI sandoval 😂 dude because he’s only been 4 times, 8 is better than 4, 5 is better than 4, 505 passing yards by himself in this past SB which broke his own record of 496 from last year, and Tom has every record as a QB in the SB besides 1(steve young, TD passes; 6) he’s shitting on Montana, invalid argument

    • Demaurié Webster says:

      june ryu Nah he and Jerry rice admitted to cheating in an interview when they retired, Montana said he and his O-line used silicone on their jerseys so defenders couldn’t grip their jerseys and rice used stick-em on his gloves. The interview is still all over Google..

  2. Helena Wang says:

    He smiles like he’s crying inside

    • Tyler Brown says:

      Brokowski1 Honestly, Brady has amassed enough wealth to retire and leave plenty behind for his family. The man has a full hand of rings, and is widely considered a legend in football, arguably the best ever.

      He has nothing to lose and less to gain at this point. If he wanted to speak out against Bill and his fear inducing coaching tactics, he could do so with an empty conscious. The fact is he just simply doesn’t want to. The greed far exceeds his humanity and common sense. The man wants more even though he’s already got everything.

    • Shamon Shaw says:

      😂because that L

    • Michael Weston says:

      @Brokowski1 are you Pats fanboys just too stubborn to admit that they weren’t the best team? the best team wins the game. it’s that simple.

    • Gabriel Edward says:

      Man lost a SB wym 😂😂😂

    • Luis Mijares says:

      You look pretty

  3. Dexter B says:

    That took a turn I was not prepared for.

  4. David Vergara says:

    U r a great player Mr. Brady

    • Demaurié Webster says:

      David Vergara if you’re referring to the dropped pass in the super bowl, he caught that same play one handed in a full practice lol guess you can say he was nervous.. He even said he still gets nervous every super bowl

    • David Vergara says:

      Demaurié Webster well u r right

    • PREPFORIT says:

      NO BITCH I never played football
      BUT I bet YOU miss showering with the guys ! LOL
      The ball in the previous supewrbowl was NOT completely deflated. But just slightly had a bit of air removed so as baby brady could Cheat.

    • Demaurié Webster says:

      PREPFORIT you’re fucking retarted all footballs after the afc championship against the Colts were inspected after that and there was a rule change, that’s why the footballs in the super bowl against Seattle all balls were in a red box surrounded by security, all of that was on camera right before kick off, it was never during the super bowl. Go back and watch the full game smartass

    • Demaurié Webster says:

      PREPFORIT and ALL QBs like their footballs slightly or over deflated 😂 Aaron Rodgers said he likes his over deflated and Peyton and Brees said they like theirs a little under, now QBs don’t have that power anymore that’s why Rodgers struggled the first half of the season last year meanwhile Brady only threw 2 interceptions all season, dude is just good..

  5. Suleiman Mustafa says:

    Even if you don’t like Tom Brady you have to respect him for his achievements and competitiveness

    • Shamon Shaw says:

      Nah I don’t respect cheater’s

    • The Wok says:

      No you don’t cause he is a cheater.

    • Daniel Brown says:

      Suleiman Mustafa no you really don’t have to respect him!!

      Mediocre QB on an extremely well-coached team, plain and simple.

      Could’ve been any QB from any college on that same team and the outcome would’ve been the exact same.

      Glad you lost Tim Gaydee, and fuck Massachusetts and all of its heroin-addicted inhabitants.

      “Did ya lose ya Khakis?”

    • KingSoap88 88 says:

      Suleiman Mustafa Montana 4-0 in super bowls,threw 0 pix in those games, and he had nothing up his sleeves if u know what i mean. he is the true 🐐

    • MegaSayitlikeitis says:

      Fuck no I don’t.

  6. ahpacific says:

    Can somebody explain all the Tom Brady hate? He seems like a boring super positive and kind of dead on the inside guy but I don’t understand the hate.

    • keith brockway says:

      Bc hes just a fucking Herb!! A dork. A dweeb. He really doesnt have a personality that attracts u to him. Ur just like “meh” when he talks……
      And stop it with the “cuz he beat ur team too much.” That just means hes good at football……we dont care for him bc in real life hes fucking BORINGGGGGGGGG.

    • Shamon Shaw says:

      Because he’s a cheater

    • R. Jones says:

      Because they’re motherfucking peanut butter and jealous!

    • Anton Deckman says:

      Best qb ever, boring as fuck though, go birds!

    • White Walker says:

      LX deflategate is garbage and has already been debunked, spy gate was filming in a wrong position for 1 practice and they didn’t even need Brady’s phone for evidence, Brady doesn’t cheat and people pull out that sorry excuse every time

  7. Jerred Carnell says:

    He is a chain and a fanny pack away from a good look.

  8. onyxsnape says:

    he looks like a hired bodyguard to a russian mob guy in a Bond movie

  9. Domingo Alvaro says:

    Yoooo! Why is everyone hating on Brady and his looks. I’m not gonna lie I am hella critical about his political positions but you gotta admit he was a real sport the whole time. Calling him an alien and robot is pretty low too not gonna lie, like y’all going call yourselves liberals then body shame. Cmon

    • kev127 says:

      Domingo Alvaro Nobody expects him to be a douche. He comes off as non human being trying their best to impersonate a typical human.

    • Hugh Mungus says:

      Political views? He always tries his hardest to stray away from politics. Trump just put pressure on him to support him because they’re “friends”. Also no one is body shaming him considering he is in better shape than 90 percent of all people at age 40.

    • Miko Philo says:

      @Domingo Alvaro – they all have youtube accounts, i’m pretty sure tom has nothing to worry about. lol

    • KingSoap88 88 says:

      Domingo Alvaro liberals 😂😂😂😂 lmao wacko’s .

    • KingSoap88 88 says:

      Domingo Alvaro maybe he is critical on ur political positions

  10. Arges Hagan says:

    so many haters in the comment section…SAD

  11. sccello says:

    I really wasn’t expecting that emotional-health-role-model response to the crying comment. Kudos to Stephen for that amazing pivot.

  12. avatarlover101 says:

    He looks like what I think a nazi who is hiding in the US would look like.

  13. melon_ baller says:

    Warning: Stephen spoils The Shape of Water

  14. E says:

    He smiles 100% with his mouth, his eyes are dead.

  15. marc07112 says:

    Wouldn’t it be some sh*t if Tom Brady became OJ part 2? LMAO

  16. New Message says:

    * Scoots past that ‘holding my ball’ stinker , and moves on to the most sexually charged interview since Allison Janney *

  17. elzeus13 says:

    8:23 you want me to work on you? You got any lotion?

  18. isingtomyownbeat08 says:

    Why does he give off such a creepy vibe? When we smiles it’s almost like he’s uncomfortable or something.

  19. Zach Pez says:

    “I was so bad, I couldn’t even play on a team that went 0-8.”

    Think back to when you were in high school and imagine the back up QB who never played becoming Tom Brady… Respect

    • The Wok says:

      So he wasn’t good in highschool then started cheating and you respect him? Says a lot.

    • Zach Pez says:

      “Hello and welcome to my channel! I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I am from West Texas. My favorite college football team is Texas Tech. My favorite NFL team is the Houston Texans. Veteran of the United States Navy. Proud supporter of Bernie Sanders. (I know we’re terribad this year!) I’m Korean, though my gaming skills don’t always show it. I enjoy gaming, exploring the world in general, I love to write, and enjoy all kinds of music!

      I’m new at this streaming thing so don’t be afraid to offer constructive criticism. I’m also open to playing other games and just interacting with my viewers. Never be afraid to hit me up on any of my social media or just the chat for my channel.”

      Houston texans fan… LOL

    • The Wok says:

      Mad because I am a fan of a team that doesn’t cheat? You’re batting a thousand champ. xD

  20. Hammad Ali says:

    Stephen Colbert is apparently _tighter_ than Gisele Bündchen.

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