Tom Coughlin Has Final Message For Eli, Giants

Tom Coughlin Has Final Message For Eli, Giants

Tom Coughlin, who returned the Giants to NFL prominence by winning two Super Bowls, resigned after the team missed the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year. (Jan. 5)

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20 Responses

  1. Lee Lamp says:

    I’m neutral on this as a Dolphins fan, but I have much respect for this man
    now all that was ever portrayed of him was he is an asshole, he’d just a
    competitor that’s all, need more like him. Hmm….maybe he will head to
    Miami? ;)

  2. Alex Siegars says:

    I respect the man, but the Giants under him did not do very well. A record
    of over 110-90 is not a hall of famer coach.

  3. Snake says:


  4. Alex Elchev says:

    He clearly meant so much to these players and to the team as a whole.
    Seeing a grown man cry over this was extremely humanizing. Great man, great
    career, better coach.

  5. 20MDM says:

    short and sweet.

  6. Glenwood Reid says:

    Tom Coughlin!
    Thank you Coughlin!
    Tom Coughlin!
    Thank you Coughlin!

  7. Van Hickey says:

    Im not a Giants fan but that made me sad

  8. Aaron Graham says:

    Hey, what’s#up? Remarkablj! blood languid What do you think, guys.2.

  9. Too True says:

    Thank you for beating the patriots in the super bowl!! 99.9% of the world
    thanks you for that. Good luck in the future.

  10. Lions Gorrilla says:

    much love tom

  11. MrZ3ROpi says:

    he’s not the reason that I’m- wait he’s not reason you what? he kinda just
    said uh after

  12. les antoine says:

    One word WOW

  13. LeNsCake Kdi says:

    So sad…

  14. Chaotic Cozmic says:

    Who is cutting onions 5am in the morning?!

  15. Anthony Alvarez says:

    Not a giants fan but I think he was a pretty good coach

  16. diallow says:


  17. Journeyman says:

    Reminds me when my team the Cleveland Browns lost good leadership – a
    bitter pill to swallow. Good luck.

  18. Randy Gutierrez says:

    As a long time seahawk’s fan, this hurt to watch cuz i remember when mike
    holmgren left us it hurt a ton. next of hall of famer right there……

  19. IKeepBadCompany says:

    There’s no crying in baseball, but apparently there is in football, Eli.

  20. Budget Hitman says:

    Eli is gonna be upset when someone explains to him what’s going on.