Tommy’s Final Canon Death on Dream SMP

Tommy’s Final Canon Death on Dream SMP

Tommy’s Final Canon Death on Dream SMP

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63 Responses

  1. TommyVODS says:

    The End.

    – Rudylmao

  2. CustomName says:

    RIP Tommy

  3. Lonely Rat says:

    I bet dream is going to revive him and say “told you so”

  4. mynx says:


    • hi says:

      he also said he was too tired for a roleplay so maybe that’s why

    • raunak banerjee says:

      Tubbo was probably not prepared for a lore stream so maybe he’ll react later.

    • ItzSparkingly says:


    • Asaita Kicokichi says:

      They only really got a reaction from CaptainPuffy, Bbh, JackManifold, and Quackity, not really phil because canonically Phil (the character he portrays on the Dream smp) hasn’t found out yet.

    • •DraftScrap• says:

      @SanAntonioSpursFan69 not sure if you know this but wilbur has written a script and all the smp members know what’s going to happen. Of course they planned out tommys death and so they knew what would happen right after. Tubbo just sucks, the rest of the smp has good acting. yes he did say he was tired and yes he did not expect to have lore but that’s the animators problem now 😂

  5. Rebecca Schmitt says:

    “then why don’t you go see him” i didn’t think he’d ACTUALLY DO IT

    • Liffey Brown says:

      And they got more likes bruh

    • Taco Box says:

      @Liffey Brown You literally both quoted the same quote so how is that stealing your comment?

    • Rebecca Schmitt says:

      @Liffey Brown i did not see your comment. i apologize if you feel i stole your comment but all i did was leave a comment on a video. please find something else to do then try to start arguments in the comment section of a 17 year olds youtube channel with other kids. thanks.

    • NumberOneFootballGeezer says:

      I mean he wouldn’t lose anything at that point

  6. applefruit says:

    “Just killed a child, feeling good.”

  7. Alex Flame says:

    “And then there’s Tommy

    He’s dead…

    DK, Tommy’s dead. DK, Tommy’s dead”

  8. Gemmaat J says:

    Tubbo and Ranboo: In denial
    Sam and Quackity: Crying
    Bad, Ant and Jack: *Vibing*

    • Amanda 2.0 says:

      phil:about to lose his life out of laughter

    • Asaita Kicokichi says:

      No, Jack was sad because he devoted all of his life to trying to kill Tommy, and now that tommy is dead (Lost his last canon life) Jack life is now one empty void.

  9. sɴᴇɪʟ says:

    Dream- “Am i like some sort of god?”

    Also dream- *“I’m Jesus”*

  10. Ricardo says:

    Green man in jail beats British child to death after being locked in a prison for days

  11. Hinata shouyou says:

    “Tommy, there’s a bug on you”
    *pinches him*

  12. Million says:

    dream killed tommy as a way out: he can revive tommy so he wants sam to free him and he will do it

  13. Max McCredie says:

    Final words from various deaths:
    Schlatt: “just… one more rep”
    Wilbur: “Kill me Phil”

    Tommy: “nostopstopstopstop”

  14. TheCreatorGod says:

    Plot twist:He ended his journey on the SMP because his final exams were coming!

  15. Kobisan YT says:

    Tommy: Abuses dreams song with autotune*
    Dream: I will end this child’s whole career.

  16. The Gurnmeister says:

    “Then why don’t you go see him yourself”

  17. invalidrichu says:

    Wilbur: Dies by blowing up his creation dramatically
    Tommy: Dies to a armourless, weaponless green blob punching him in an obsidian box

  18. Kara Myers says:

    “Dream I know you’re not gonna do shit to me” -Tommyinnit seconds before dream kills him

  19. pikachu with a caprisun says:

    ” *#3 Trending on Gaming* ”
    *hmm yes, a grown man punching a child is g a m i n g*

  20. WOF says:

    Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

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