Tonkotsu Ramen | Basics with Babish

Tonkotsu Ramen | Basics with Babish

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Tonkotsu ramen: less an essential skill and more a right-of-passage for the modern home cook. And, you know, an essential part of Japanese culture and day-to-day life. Sure, it takes two some-odd days to make, and sure, you can burn your hands on the alkaline salt, and sure, getting every element just right is a constant barrage of challenges. But with that first steamy slurp comes a superlative sense of accomplishment – not to mention, a truly delicious dinner.

NOTE: Any time I said baking powder, I meant baking soda – do not write and perform voice-over at 7AM when you are not a morning person.

Ingredients and Method for Broth and Pork:
Tonkotsu broth:
Chashu pork:

Other Ingredients:
+ For the marinated soft boiled eggs:
Soft boiled eggs
Soy sauce

+ For the tare:
Vegetable oil
Dried anchovies
Soy sauce
Bonito flakes

+ For the homemade ramen noodles:
Baking powder
All purpose flour
Bread flour

+ For ramen assembly:
Sliced chashu pork
Cooked ramen noodles
Tonkotsu broth
Nori (dried seaweed)

Special Equipment:
Rolling pin
Pasta roller (stand mixer or otherwise)

Music: “Mr. Miyagi” Blue Wednesday

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72 Responses

  1. Roar Man says:

    Could you make some of the food from jojo like Ink Pasta or anything Tonio made

  2. ShaGoo says:

    Please make the SpongeBob 3-day potato salad!!

  3. Avery Lopez-Baines says:


  4. Donut Operator says:

    Can you cook up the dumplings from Filthy Frank’s music video?

  5. ZiRR says:

    Make that Sundae from spongebob. (Not the goofy goober sundae, the stinky sundae)

  6. gabriellockhart says:

    lol nothing quite like spending 48 hours and 400 dollars on ingredients and kitchenware to enjoy a 5 dollar bowl of japanese fast food.

    • SDZ says:

      Good thing everyone has a $200 pasta machine at home.

    • Nad Kudo says:

      It’s not supposed to be a street fast food, at least not what we reffer to as “fast food” in the west. With ramen you can have absolutely everything made ahead of time, so after you order it you can start eating it in about 5 minutes. And that’s quite a fast meal.

      And honestly, the only effort you need is making the noodles yourself and in reality you don’t need any equipment for it… They used to make noodles entirely by hand, and some still do (search “hand pulled noodles”, it’s amazing lol). Most of the other stuff takes under 10 minutes to prepare, and you let it do it’s thing for hours. Oh, and take a look at it every once in a while.

    • Code Name says:

      It’s only Japanese fast food now that the process can be made much easier, it was at one time good for the very wealthy and it’s delicious. And you can use the equipment again.

    • CompanionCeras says:

      SDZ good thing you can get a simple pasta machine for below 10 bucks.

    • Systemhalodark says:

      +gabriellockhart That’s precisely why some people make it their job ^^

  7. This 'n That Studio says:

    He’s already realized he pigeon holed himself with the name basics

    • Lord Sarix says:

      Binging with Babish is what puts out Basics with Babish he hasn’t pigeon holded himself at all. This could be a segway into another series he just chooses a new name that fits his naming convention… That way he can still do basics episodes and intermediate ones… All depends on how much time he can devote to adding on another layer.

    • TheOne TrueBrodstar says:

      You could interpret it as he’s making it simple

    • archer coerver says:

      Love the terminology my dude

    • Kyle Murphy says:

      Bit Less Basic With Babish

    • Kimchi Flied Lice says:

      This ‘n That Studio kind of like how you pigeon holed yourself not out of “this” or “that” but “THESE”?!

  8. Anthony says:

    One of those babish recipes im definitely never going to make. lol but this was a good episode.

  9. BigFire says:

    This is not basics. This is advanced topics.

  10. Yuki the car guy says:

    Just at note, slurping is to add to the umami, not slurping your noodles is actually not an insult to the chef. Not sure how it was translated to this, but it’s just meant to add flavor to your noodles. Kinda like putting wine through an aerator.

    • David Bui says:

      also slurping is so you can eat faster. Ramen is like a “fast food” for the japanese. You need to eat it fast when it’s hot to enjoy it

    • derp doge says:

      +brnchiggins You mentioned sucking and slurping as if they’re different from eachother. After googling slurping vs sucking on google pictures, I’m pretty sure I know the difference.

    • Karen Nagayama says:

      It’s better to “slurp” cause it’s easier and tastier to eat it that way. Now I became too American to do that on a regular basis so when I do eat noodles in Japan I actually have a hard time with the timing to breathe and slurp without getting light headed woops

    • Philip Chi says:

      I would say it’s akin to drinking from the soup spoon with a little ramen inside. To further explain it.

      Slurping does a few things, brings air in to cool down the broth and lets you bring the noodles into your mouth before the soup drips off of the noodles. Although at the end of the day there’s no wrong way to eat ramen.

      Although I don’t know about it “adding” umami. As the umami itself is already in the broth, and slurping doesn’t create any other chemical changes or add anything into it that would actually add that savory depth.

    • TheDemonRaticate says:

      From my understanding it ain’t rude to the chef to not slurp, but the opposite is somewhat true. Slurping is a sign that you are eating with gusto and enjoying the food. To chefs it is quite important that the guest is happy. Slurping itself is just a sign of it, but you could be slurping with a disgusted look, which means you don’t like the food.
      tldr; slurping =/= respect, but can show you enjoy the food and thus is enough for the chef to take it as a compliment.

  11. Rushil Kalola says:

    You said baking “baking powder” first. Correctly said baking soda later. FUN FACT you made sodium carbonate or soda ash by liberating a C02 from the original sodium bicabonate. Hooray chemistry!

  12. Random Guy says:

    So the slurping of noodles or soup thing isn’t really what you think it means or maybe you do. The whole appreciation towards the chef thing is a somewhat myth you slurp noodles cause they are either hot or the noodles are great at holding onto the broth

  13. J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:

    Naruto would be proud

  14. A very livid Moose says:

    “turning it into a mild skin irritant”

    *Babish off set*: “hey Brad ill give you $20 if you drink this”

  15. Drew Ferrante says:

    Alex French Guy Cooking!

  16. Chef Gordon Ramsay says:

    Tackle a dish from how to basic

  17. Versael says:

    *Probably never going to make this but a least you can see how it’s made with Babish*

  18. Zoogoo40 says:

    I can hear French guy cooking comin’ over any second now.

  19. Binging with Babish says:


    I’m so sorry, any time I said baking powder, please interpret that as baking soda. I’m shy on sleep and I have lain waste to my own voice-over.

  20. Xirtual says:

    Advancing With Babish

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