Top 5 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes

Top 5 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes

To celebrate TEN YEARS of the Nostalgia Critic, Walter counts down the Top 5 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes voted on by the fans.
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20 Responses

  1. Olivia Martin says:

    The Room was the first video of NC I ever watched. My uncle showed it to me and it was the most hilarious shit in the world to me.

  2. JoΓ£o Nuno Santos says:

    My favourite is Jurassic World because…

    I’m a motherfucking T-Rex.

  3. Ub3r Hobo says:

    No video made me Laugh more then the review of Devil. Like that shit made me laugh for hours.

  4. The phenomenal ones says:

    10 years, 3 channels over 300 reviews, over 273 videos of original content from other people, 3 movies, 1 dvd, over 2 shows, over 104 crossovers, and he still doesn’t have 1 million subscribers. WOWπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜§

  5. Bass Box says:

    You have to do a kangaroo jack (2003) episode
    that movie is awkward as fuck

  6. scott carter says:

    A bat credit card? They gave him a bat……credit card?? They had the BALLS to give one of the greatest superheroes of all time, a BAT…..CREDIT CARD!?!?!? NOOOOO!!! NOOOOO!!!! DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!! DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!!

  7. Nikes Gray says:

    I’m actually disappointed that Commando wasn’t on the list, also, FOODFIGHT WAS AN HONORABLE MENTION?!?!?

  8. Pancake Face Productions says:

    Damn it I voted for Star Wars the holiday special

  9. jjstarA113 says:

    Kinda wish this was a top 11.

  10. Bobsheaux says:

    And then Linkara DESTROYED the bat-credit-card joke. lol

    10 years of remembering it so we don’t have to. I tip my hat to you, sir.

  11. Madhouse Studios says:

    There should be a video on the history of Nastolgia Critic

  12. fatalshot009 says:

    Holy cap!!! It’s been ten years already????? Congrats to Doug and Channel Awesome!!!!!!

  13. Owen Conway says:

    They had the BALLS!!!

  14. Landon Hood says:


  15. Go Isles says:

    I’m surprised the Christmas Tree didn’t at least make the honorable mentions. The jokes surrounding the mayor alone had me in stitches. Simple effects, but I haven’t laughed as hard as I did watching that review for the first time in quite a while.

  16. Joseph Robinson says:

    Why is this not top 11? How dare he not go one step beyond.

  17. Channel Awesome says:

    TEN YEARS!!!! Thank you all for watching!

    What are your picks for Top 5 Best Nostalgia Critic episodes?

  18. Andrew Molenaar says:

    This is probably better than NC’s actual video this week, a brilliant retrospective that warms the heart. which is good, because I WAS FROZEN TODAY!

  19. Nicholas Koskey says:

    Where is Son of the Mask that was the funniest shit I’ve ever seen!

  20. DrChadd990 says:

    This just reminds me of how epic I think Doug Walker’s character, The Nostalgia Critic is. It also reminds me that there are an unbelievable amount of haters. People who think he’s a liberal nutcase, people who thinks he runs a shady business, and people who just find his voice annoying. I know that it’s just like, my opinion, man, but I just don’t understand how people don’t fucking love this man.

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