Top 5 Worst Things To Get Bitten By ft. Coyote Peterson

Top 5 Worst Things To Get Bitten By ft. Coyote Peterson

Can we guess which of his top 5 was the worst thing Coyote Peterson’s been bitten by? GMMore #1419

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65 Responses

  1. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    The Gila monster, what a monster.

  2. Dzone says:

    Coyote is a great guest, seems like he’s enjoying it and has quite a likable personality! I don’t often like guests but the last few have been great! 😀

    • dragon balls says:

      Dzone name one guest u didint like then tell me why then ill leave u a like

    • Crazykrew616 says:

      Coyote has such a amazing attitude… at 14:14 with the hug… he’s just a shrug and hug… rolling with the love… it’s all good vibes… hope he come back onto the show again…

    • Dzone says:

      +Crazykrew616 Yeah, it was so honest and he seemed to genuinely enjoy it all! Made me want to check out his channel!!

  3. SleepyDitzy says:

    But can he survive a bite from Charlie?

  4. The R3al Marker3 says:

    I love Coyote!! He and Charlie Day have the exact same voice lol

  5. Brione says:

    The three men who get tortured on YouTube for entertainment

  6. Genzo Mendoza says:

    Get Cotton Candy Randy to play Scary VR. It would be funny to see if he breaks character or not. XD

  7. EJ Banfield says:

    Link was NOT having a good time lol xD I kept expecting him to pass out

  8. Derrick Reacts says:

    Rhett’s face about the 100 lb centipede was hilarious.

  9. LiveAction Link says:

    Coyote understood the point of the show/game better then Rhett and Link lol

  10. SonOfAKing says:

    GMM and Coyote Peterson? Another dream come true! <3 <3 <3

  11. Jessica Ross says:

    You can really see Links mind racing over. Probably sharing my thoughts of “this guy is brave or silly. I need to hug him”.
    Great having coyote on the show. Come on crew, lets have him back!

    • Erica L says:

      Frank Costello i don’t think he was like that at all, he kept saying he was feeling queasy

    • windaeiz says:

      +Frank Costello I think you misinterpreted his face. That wasn’t contempt, he was feeling quesy. He is not very good with gory stuff and blood can make him faint.

    • renewedx25 says:

      Frank Costello wow, you really misread/ misinterpreted Links body language. It’s pretty clear he was feeling queasy and unsettled due to his empathetic nature. He freakin almost fainted at the sight of his own blood on GMM. And he actually fainted when he cut himself one year into his father-in-laws arms.

    • Jose Luis Castaneda says:

      I don’t think he hugged him because he is brave or silly. I think he probably hugged him because he was empathetic enough to imagine the pain he went through and how he himself would have loved to be comforted in such situation so he wanted to easy his pain in some theoric way. It was very sweet action from him.

    • Jessica Ross says:

      +Jose Luis Castaneda you worded it it very well

  12. Tarena Strasburger says:

    Coyote Peterson is so cool and you guys should have him again

  13. deprofundis says:

    Awww, Link is definitely an empath! 😂🤗 Thanks to Coyote and our GMM bois for torturing themselves for our entertainment, haha. Please take care of yourselves. We love ya!

    • Sarah Smith says:

      Frank Costello I didn’t pick up on that at all. I think Link may have been feeling uncomfortable because of what Coyote was describing, but he wasn’t being condescending.

    • Chelly D. says:

      +Frank Costello lol you’re one of those people that twists things huh…

    • Beau LaPlume says:

      Frank Costello you’re totally wrong Frankie. Keep going comment to comment talking down on link and and talking up this “greatness that is coyote”.

    • deprofundis says:

      +Frank Costello Wow, you couldn’t be more wrong. You obviously don’t know Link at all. Have you never watched GMM?

    • Sabrina Sasser says:

      Frank Costello you sure you’re not confusing Rhett and Link? I could maybe see how Rhett’s dry humor and sarcasm and his glances could come across that way, but not Link at all! Not that I’m saying Rhett WAS being condescending towards Coyote but if either was gonna be interpreted that way it would be more Rhett than Link… Link was the one who hugged him at the end. I also LOVE Coyote and the whole Brave Wilderness gang and this was the collision of my two favorite YouTube worlds and it totally made my day. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, and saw one of the guys as being patronizing toward Coyote, but I really don’t think that was the case at all. I honestly think they understand Coyote’s mission and the “anything for the views” comments were jokes. But also, let’s be honest, it’s true too, you know? To educate the most people, BW wants as many views as possible, and doing sensational things like intentional bites and stings is pretty crazy and certainly has gained Coyote lots of fame and set him apart from other wilderness/animal folks on TV or YouTube, so while the bites and stings do educate, I mean…. YouTube is a numbers game and he’s playing it well! But that isn’t a bad thing necessarily. It’s to be respected that he’s willing to go through all that pain for the sake of reaching more people.

  14. Chlorruption says:

    Good chemistry between everyone.

  15. rockyfan1011 says:

    Wow, this GMMore was like a whole new regular episode!

  16. Alexis Nolen says:

    All of my hot internet dads in one video, I feel so blessed. I just love Coyote’s personality so much, he’s such a good fit on the show and I was glad to see his face this morning. That hug between Link and Coyote melted my heart lmao, great show today and great more!

  17. SirAyeeero , says:

    When coyote peterson said that the giant desert centipede was 100 pounds, i literally paused the video and went on google and searched “giant desert centipede weight” and it showed nothing and i resumed the video and he fooled me as well.

  18. Cat D says:

    Coyote was probably one of their most entertaining guests. He can definitely hold his own when it comes to keeping the viewer’s attention. Great episode!

  19. Allen Jay says:

    Coyote gets bit by stuff for views and Rhett and Link eat the anuses and blood of our close mammalian relatives the pig. Love the internet 😂

    • Erica L says:

      Allen Jay I wouldn’t say a pig is a close relative to us 😂😂

    • Haley Wood says:

      Erica L actually, they are.

    • Anime McAnimeFace says:

      Erica L Genetically, they arent close. Humans evolved from a common ancestor of monkeys whereas pigs did not; you can tell by looking at them. However, they are biologically similar enough (fat distribution, hair growth, organs, etc) that we can and have used pigs for medical research, and i believe they can even be stand ins for corpses for medical students to explore the anatomy of organs

  20. Daniel M says:

    You guys should do a show called Good Mythical Buddies, and have like a LTAT style with all the guests you guys gel with so well. Jack Black, Coyote and so on.

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