Top Plays of the 2018 Regular Season | NFL Highlights

Top Plays of the 2018 Regular Season | NFL Highlights

The top plays from the 2018 Regular Season.

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102 Responses

  1. Zachary Nations says:

    This was a awesome season.

  2. The KG show says:

    Nathan Peterman being re-signed

  3. Walter Clements says:

    Imagine starting your season 6-2 and then losing 7 straight lmao

  4. GlitchMod says:

    Top Highlight should be the Browns firing Hue.

  5. Default Raven says:

    Now I’m just waiting for top 100 players of the season

  6. seizure salad says:

    Browns will make playoffs next year, I am very exited

    • Eman Brutus says:

      +Sergio B was there any doubt In your mind about it going to Barkley? He literally broke Reggie Bush’s record and tied Erick Dickerson’s record

    • Michael Newton says:

      +John Johnson Baker broke the NFL rookie td pass record and did it in 2.5 less games with less ints.

    • Michael Newton says:

      +Eman Brutus Baker broke the rookie td record in 2.5 games less than Manning, won rookie of the week like 14 times, and turned a franchise around. Barkley didn’t do anything. He wasn’t even the highest rated rookie running back. That would have been another Cleveland Brown, Nick Chubb, who rushed for 1000+ and didn’t really play until like week 6.

    • Nick Simpson says:

      +Michael Newton Chubb has 996 yards not 1000+

    • Michael Newton says:

      +Nick Simpson he rushed for 1001, then later in the game had a rush for -5. He still rushed for over 1000. Just didn’t finish the season with over 1000

  7. 500 subs With No vids? says:

    Thank you NFL, very cool!

  8. Spiralx ? says:

    Oooo i see Mack on the thumbnail

  9. flat tire says:

    5:41 Why tf was there a 49ers fan excited for a packers touchdown

  10. Shortest SB Champion QB says:

    The biggest play of the season was the Steelers getting eliminated from the playoffs lmao

  11. Shortest SB Champion QB says:

    Who was a bigger one hit wonder?
    Vanilla Ice
    Soft Cell or
    The 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars

  12. Evan Cervantes says:

    Wheres the Lamar Miller 97 yard TD Run?

  13. Ruler3995 says:

    Eddie Jackson had 3 TDs this year and none were here. Try again.

    • LAMOOOW says:

      it’s going to be funny when the bears lose. all they do is daydream about kalil mack and talk about how underrated they are

    • mp buckley says:

      Even with Kareem’s beef he still had some amazing plays that deserved to be on here

    • Shane Giofu says:

      +LAMOOOW Yeah sure thing. Mack wasn’t even the best defender on the field for Chicago this year. That would go to Fuller or Jackson. We were 12-4 and had the best overall defense in the league. To say we were underrated is fair. Even Vegas got caught with their pants down.

    • Hawk S says:

      +Shane Giofu
      Mack imo was the most important
      Then Jackson
      Then Fuller
      And I want to out fuller higher but I can’t even though I believe he has the most picks on this team, Jackson just is a ball hawk

  14. WARZ htx_enrix says:

    No Lamar Miller 97 yard TD run⁉️

  15. Hugh Janus says:

    No Eddie Jackson pick six against the lions and Vikings?

  16. Go Big Blue says:

    R.I.P seasons for the Jaguars, Giants, Broncos, Bengals, Redskins, Steelers, 49ers, and Vikings

  17. brettf45 says:

    How dare y’all not add Bosher hit stick

  18. Austin Orfield says:

    Those Hopkins spin moves to beat the Cowboys were nasty

  19. Kyle Alexander says:

    8:50 how did hill not get a taunting penalty there. Golden tate did same thing and got 1

  20. Seattle Seahawks says:

    That catch by Doug Baldwin at 14:14 ??

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