Tracy Morgan Rants About What He Missed During His Coma

Tracy Morgan Rants About What He Missed During His Coma

Tracy Morgan talks to Jimmy about Star Wars, Donald Trump and everything else he’s wanted to get off his chest about what was happening in the world while he recovered.

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Tracy Morgan Rants About What He Missed During His Coma

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19 Responses

  1. yertlemcfuzz says:

    Tracy Jordan is my spirit animal

  2. mrsdontknowreally says:

    I see he’s still as funny as ever but even funnier!

  3. Azra BH says:

    The Sonny comment killed me lol

  4. Stacy Hopper says:

    illumin a time written all over this …. tried to kill him

  5. Ashley Williams says:

    Is he autistic?

  6. bunnies2022 says:

    I love his voice, he’s hilarious ??

  7. Volly says:

    Jimmy Fallon said “we’re happy” when Tracy mentioned Donald Trump being in
    the lead.

  8. The Great French Militia says:

    The Silent Majority Side with Trump

  9. kirkland meadows says:

    Comedy rule 1.. Stay in character

  10. PurushaDesa says:

    Cop Out was during, right?

  11. BarbaraMerry Geng says:

    Omg, I’m so happy to see Tracy back on his feet. I love how he makes me
    laugh ! God bless him & continue to recover.

  12. Marianna Call says:

    “One black dude in the whole galaxy?” I thought the same like wtf

  13. Anthony Garcia says:

    Please watch and subscribe to my channel! Thank you very much!

  14. brandon rogue says:

    this is awesome to see, i don’t why but i was under the impression that he
    was really messed up permanantly and couldn’t even talk

  15. luvgzus4ever says:

    Can someone who’s familiar with his personality tell me if he’s his old
    self, or has he changed, because he seemed scattered.

  16. Vladomin says:

    Please watch my YouTube videos, they are entertaining. I am not begging, I
    am just suggesting.

  17. Burning Goose says:

    Sorry for my bad English

  18. andrewk macdonald says:

    Tracy!!!! you are a star. Tracy is my mom’s name. she is in Hawaii right now
    I hope she makes it back to utah.

  19. Chuck An says:

    He really hasn’t missed a beat. Missed you, Tracy, and glad to see you are