Tracy Morgan’s First Interview Since Fatal Car Crash | TODAY

Tracy Morgan’s First Interview Since Fatal Car Crash | TODAY

Tracy Morgan broke his silence over the car crash that nearly claimed his life and paid emotional tribute to his late friend and mentor, comic James McNair.
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Tracy Morgan’s First Interview Since Fatal Car Crash | TODAY

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20 Responses

  1. klsau says:

    +Frut Um..His friend James McNair died in the same crash..That is enough
    for the crash to be called fatal

  2. Microfoot says:

    Damn, Tracy made me cry right now.

  3. 2munkey2 says:

    Being in airborne in Iraq I have seen multiple friends killed get no tv
    time black dude gets hit buy truck everyone crys

  4. James Dolbeck says:

    Now he can be a WALMART GREETER and sell canes,………….

  5. iAMhonka plays! says:

    Man this is the saddest SNL skit.

  6. Noodle Storm says:

    +JYC422 Tracey is mentally retarded so he needs the Lawyer on his side to
    not get completly fckd up by the evil media because evil knows evil.

  7. SupaYoda says:

    Heartbreaking. Just absolutely heartbreaking.

  8. lem0ngrabb says:

    “thank you.. and we’re gonna have a check at the weather now.”

  9. Darryl D. Ruggs says:

    Not Sure how this was able to happen, Wal Mart has Qualcomms paperless logs
    on all their trucks. You cannot Tamper or drive over your time with a
    Qualcomm in your truck. Its like a D.o.T representitive is sitting in your
    passenger seat with a clip board ready to get you fired. I drove 2 years
    with A qualcomm, before buying 2 of my own trucks and eventually buying a
    strip club etc etc.
    Something is not being said about this case, i think that driver may have
    gotten fired and wanted to commit suicide or his wife won a divorce and got
    everything, something about this case is not being said. Because there is
    noway a driver drove for 24 hours without knowing he was over his
    drivetime. You cannot turn that Qualcomm off , its in ur face 24/7 except
    when ur sleep an the truck is turned off.

  10. deaner1722 says:

    your the man tracy. take as much time as you need to get better. Keep your
    head up baby boy!!!

  11. Mike Lee says:

    I’m happy he made it out alive, and that he also didn’t fall into the same
    old BS of praising an indifferent god for his survival while taking away a
    brother in arms, as it were.

  12. WeGottaSituation says:

    Sad, great comedian. Wish him the best.

  13. Celia H. says:

    So tragic that this happened to such a joyful man. Im so happy that he
    survived and that his wife and infant did not come with him that time. He
    brought me to tears. Traumatic brain injuries never fully heal. As a nurse,
    I see this alot. This is going to affect him for the rest of his life. He
    will always have memory issues and as a actor/comedian, a good memory is
    extremely important so Walmart better have paid up.

    The important thing is he’s alive. God Bless Him.

  14. ken masters says:

    hilarious interview!!!! dude still got it!!!

  15. Morgan Porter says:

    I’m sure he will get better but he definitely will never be the same.

  16. 3aliameri says:

    F u, people everywhere around the world getting killed grossmly cuz of the
    US and you are on tv crying for been a live?


  17. SEFYH says:

    God bless you, Tracy! I wish you all the best on your road to recovery!

  18. Zaxx Davros says:


  19. Jim Barry says:

    It’s so odd…he isn’t family…I don’t really know him but I am so glad to
    see him getting better, breaks my heart.

  20. fireinside1984 says:

    If he was an average black guy Walmart would fight him tooth and nail with
    all there lawyer power and own up to nothing.