TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea

TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea

My last full day in Jeju and I’m going to end it with the traditional Five Day Market. Here you can find all kinds of food, ranging from doughnuts to seafood, and all are super fresh!


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39 Responses

  1. MrDerpy17Y T says:

    Delicious as always!!! 🍚🍚🍜

  2. Sayan Mandal says:

    Love from India…..

  3. Ethan Kim says:


  4. 0908250122081002 says:

    Posted 15 second ago…17 likes…wtf

  5. Eleventeen K says:

    Yessss Korean street food! My favorite!!❤️

  6. GodOfGlitcher says:

    Can I get a like for no reason. 🤷‍♂️

  7. J X says:

    Ooohhhh right before my dinner 🤤🤤. I want to have something else now 😂😂. Thanks for the great video Mikey 😊👏

  8. Eleventeen K says:

    Can you also try korean yubkki or shinjeon ttobokki? They’re one of the most famous spicy rice cakes in korea!

  9. Bob Joncas says:

    .it’s hard to fathom traditional food ,that is heated with a modern propane torch…lol

  10. DEEPROT says:


  11. Toronto Eats says:

    I wish Toronto had markets like this! One day hopefully! Another great video

  12. Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

    Try the Suwon kalbi! 😊

  13. Candace Josanne says:

    Thanks for posting I needed this always a lovely video.

    I need to take my mind of the flooding situation we have in Trinidad and Tobago right now it’s really bad, my area wasn’t really affected that hard but my heart goes out to those homes and lives have been affected. Please pray for us!!!

  14. Arjun Pramod says:

    *EXERCISE* ??

  15. The Hungry Black Panda says:

    I need to book a ticket to S. KOREA LIKE ASAP!!! FOOD LOOKS TOO GOOD

  16. Peter Jung says:

    Really enjoying your videos in jeju 😊

  17. sivedan says:

    I like all the people that want their 5 seconds of fame, standing behind Mickey in the market lol

  18. Irena-Talita says:

    Korean market food is my favourite. 😍😍another amazing video it so much..xx

  19. GlaucusBlue says:

    does that cabbage stuffed pork bacon dish have a name? looked amazing

  20. Amateur Eater - Mukbang & Travel says:

    Nothing like a market tour in korea, and in jeju?? Icing on the cake

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