TRADITIONAL Korean STREET FOOD Market Tour in Busan South Korea

TRADITIONAL Korean STREET FOOD Market Tour in Busan South Korea

I had some Korea videos and forgot to share this great food adventure with you. This was during my trip to Korea in December 2017, where I went to Busan. And while in Busan I had to check out the street food markets. Enjoy! 🙂
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54 Responses

  1. Alex Kelley says:

    Gotta make a trip to Korea as soon as possible!

  2. Lauren D'Souza says:

    not eating food while watching this is a dangerous activity

  3. Dan & Nak says:

    Busan was the highlight for us when we went Korea. The hotteok was awesome?

  4. rssnSccr says:

    Who else is part of the Notification Squad?

  5. Rayhan Royals says:

    This guy literally finds the best food that the world offers

    • VectorImage says:

      True but I wish he would go to other places than mostly Asia. I would love to see more videos on South American and Central American culture and foods! I would also like if he would go to the Middle East because those regions have lots to offer aswell!

    • Trevor Ng says:

      He should go to Oaxaca Mexico like Trevor James did (not right now). I loved his series there.

    • El Rey says:

      Along with pig innards that ‘smell like something died and fell in there’. *gag reflex*

  6. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    OMG YES! liked it before even watching cause i JUST KNEW.

  7. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    i love how he says “tuh bohkky” ?❤️

  8. 2 Changz says:

    Watching this makes me want to take a Train to Busan.


  9. Sims Rock 99 says:

    Busan has the best tteokboki and seafood like fish cakes and fried squid ??

  10. kronos says:

    These foods are so beautiful yet out of reach 🙁

    • Honeysuckle Blossom says:

      kronos can you imagine in years to come if we could watch it, then click to order it and it just appear! It would beat my usual rice cake snack while watching ?

  11. Eat Soup says:

    Comes for the fish cakes: Starts drinking up all the stall’s broth =D

  12. Amber Medina says:

    Why haven’t I learned that you can’t watch these videos while hungry?

  13. Sheldon Gunby says:

    18:28, you’ve definitely shown this clip before I think?? I swear to God I literally have seen this clip in another video you posted. Am I going crazy? Deja Vu maybe? Anyone else remember that?

  14. Blue Nightfox says:

    Dear Food Gods…..I love you and your priest Mike.

  15. Irena-Talita says:

    Mikey another outstanding video and always the highest quality , your description and love for food is amazing …I ❤️ Korean food thanks for sharing …xx??

  16. 연남이 Yeon-nam ASMR says:

    H i ~~~~! ❤️❤️❤️
    I m a korean ??
    Busan is very really good place ❤️
    If you come to Korea, make sure to go there.???

  17. Maya Lauzon says:

    You took a train today. Why not the Bus on. Lol. Dad jokes

  18. Millennial Travel Confessions says:

    Right that’s it! Next stop Busan!

  19. BLACKPINK thai princess lalisa says:

    I’ve never wanted to go to South Korea so bad ??

  20. Kaesid Stuckey says:

    This is absolutely the WORST CHANNEL TO WATCH when you’re hungry. Good job sir…

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