TRAIL BLAZERS vs WARRIORS | Steph Gets Hot From Deep | Game 1

TRAIL BLAZERS vs WARRIORS | Steph Gets Hot From Deep | Game 1

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 1 of the 2019 Western Conference Finals by a final score of 116-94. Stephen Curry tied his career-high for three-pointers made in an NBA Playoffs game with 9 as he led all scorers with 36 points (12-23 FG, 9-15 3pt FG), to go with 6 rebounds and 7 assists for the Warriors, while Klay Thompson added 26 points (10-24 FG), 3 steals and 2 blocks in the victory. Damian Lillard led the way for the Trail Blazers with 19 points (4-12 FG), 4 rebounds and 6 assists in the losing effort. With the victory, Steve Kerr passed Erik Spoelstra (71) for 14th all-time in playoff wins as a coach.

GAME 2: ?: Trail Blazers vs. Warriors ?: May 16, 9:00pm/et ?: ESPN

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69 Responses

  1. Steven Floreus says:

    Kd might as well rest for the rest of the series

  2. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Clock got turned back to 2k15. Crazy people forget how amazing they were before kd

  3. KOC - 316 says:

    Blazers played like.they didn’t know who the warriors were. Now you know why rockets gave up dunks. Kanter didnt want no smoke at the 3 line and kept giving curry open looks. Rockets sacrificed dunks to stop 3s

  4. California Condor says:

    The Blazers looked like they were all fasting. No energy at all, 21 turnovers? How do you expect to win a game.
    If this is how they’re going to play, this thing is over in less than a week.

  5. SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 says:

    Damian Lillard: “Warriors are a better matchup for us than Denver was.”

    Goes on to get crushed by 20. ?

    • Christopher Jaleco says:

      Warriors are better without KD it seems they were scoring high on portland than they were on Houston or Houston has a much more off rating

    • Adam Villar says:

      Yea they will be lucky to win one game. Lillard is no joke he can play thats for surem needs more help

    • Adam Villar says:

      +Dawson Bellingham lol. There garbage. If they win one game in the series i would consider that a victory. Lillard is the real deal. He can play no doubt. Once he leaves the Trailblazers he could actually have some success somewhere else cuz that team is stuck in neutral

    • Adam Villar says:

      +Tee M that’s a dumb comment the Warriors don’t even need Durant they were winning without him. I like Anthony Davis a lot that team sucks and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon no matter who they draft who they trade for. I agree it sucks Durant winter because now the probability is like 0% anyone will win. There is no team even close right now to challenge the Warriors

    • Christopher Jaleco says:

      +Dawson Bellingham Rockets were even stronger than the blazers when gs played them gs kept them at 109 pts here its 94pts

  6. Blaze Alex says:

    Curry showing lillard who the better point guard is,like Lillard to Westbrook

    • A Vert says:

      Call Me J. R. They didn’t use kd though and still lost so what are you talking about

    • liu travis says:

      +A Vert Sure, but, not having KD would be a big factor against other teams, not Portland tho, it might actually be better this way. Portland is constructed exactly like the 14-16 GSW, warriors players know all the tricks and can tell how the blazers will play a certain possession before blazers guys locked in position, they are just a better version of the same team, from all five positions and bench, this is hardly a fight.

    • Peejay Alderman says:

      Blaze Alex curry and lillard are my 2 fav point guards in the league this is going to be a great series #warriornation #stephencurry30 #3peat

    • Defaulty Boii says:

      Bro are you stupid?

    • Defaulty Boii says:

      Peejay Alderman nah I like Kyrie and Westbrook

  7. Jumpman says:

    The warriors ball movement and overall play has significantly risen with Curry being the leader…like I said.

    • earl rainey says:

      He been the leader just is the ball stops with KD

    • L says:

      Yeah cause last year when Steph averaged 28 in the Finals he wasn’t getting touches

      The shit you dumb ass niggas make up

      Jesus Christ you fans are insufferable asf
      You have the shittiest memories or you blatantly say shit you think you have insight on

      You don’t

    • Thizlam says:

      L Right? Curry averaged 27 shots per game in the playoffs and averaged 28-6-6-2 I dunno wtf these people talking about

    • Jumpman says:

      L Bruh I was only stating my Opinionnnnnn.

    • DMVrepersenter says:

      Fam that was just bad defense by the blazers curry is wide the fuck open on like almost all of those shots

  8. G10VANN1 TH3 G35 FAN says:

    Give them the championship already ???

  9. Jumpman says:

    If it comes down to it, I say let kd loose, and give Klay more money to stay.

    • C FX says:

      +Tony Nguyen Don’t even matter. The Knicks won’t win a championship with just KD.

    • Tony Nguyen says:

      C FX that’s what I was saying

    • Billy Times says:

      hell yea bro i agree

    • Asam Zaman says:

      Lmaoo who ever would rather keep klay than kd needs to get off the weed. I mean I’m not that fond of him either… but the man averaged 35 points in the first two rounds!! That’s crazy he was there when the warriors needed him against the clippers and dropped that near 50 piece… Before injury he was the best player in the playoffs.

    • Eli Joseph says:

      Y’all some fucking two faces against the clippers and the rockets it was a whole different story but now they don’t need kd make up y’all fucking mind

  10. Juan Gonzalez says:

    Sniper Long Shots all day long from the WARRIORS!

  11. Jumpman says:

    1:57 They wanted to react, but they knew the cameras would be on them all game. No favoritism. Respect it.??

  12. MRTUPAC 28 says:

    Don’t let this video distract you from the fact that Curry dropped 36 on the Blazers with a dislocated finger.

  13. Konnor Chen says:

    Ay that’s why he’s a two time MVP and the best shooter EVER

  14. Zeke The Freak says:

    I’m not gonna lie Draymond has been throwing up some good shots from the 3 point line‼️

  15. Vincenttt R says:

    Splash ??brothers are ruthless ??

  16. Brandon says:

    I always wondered if it was weird for mark Jackson to call these games. He was certainly a contributing factor in turning that franchise around.

  17. YsB_Boogie says:

    You know its over when my man Steph catching one handed offensive rebounds

  18. Percival Sweetwater says:

    Is it me, or do the Warriors have a lot more fun without KD? Does more fun lead to better play? Not sure, but it looked like in Game One, anyway.

    • Zechariah Willhoite says:

      That’s what happened to my team last year all we had was fun and we ended to be at the end of the year and playoffs 3rd place

  19. King James Mayo says:

    I love Golden State the best team ever Curry and Klay Thompson is a Problem best shooters ever hands down ?

  20. Deshun Kelly says:

    It’s good seeing cook and jerebko step off the bench and score. The warriors are a solid team

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