Trampoline Charades Team Battle | Dude Perfect

Trampoline Charades Team Battle | Dude Perfect

It’s time for some high-flying Trampoline Charades!
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20 Responses

  1. MandJTV Pokevids says:

    best Dude Perfect video ending ever

  2. Felicia Schurrslsc says:

    988 random people who like this will find $100,000 tomorrow

  3. jacob neu says:


  4. Noah Wojcik (Noah Allen Wojcik) says:

    You’ll shoot your eye out is a quote from a famous christmas movie called
    “The Christmas Story”

  5. Fadi Maro says:

    Will people say your copying dudeperfect if i made a channel called

  6. Venom's Carnage says:

    i got one faster than cory lol

  7. Kapua Hao-Frantz says:

    Chad and Tim are innocent lol wishing it could be EVERY Thursday uploads!
    Looking forward to the next one guys! God bless!

  8. Happy_Slime says:

    Dude perfect should make a gaming channel. Like if you agree

  9. Buzz - CS:GO says:

    One episode split the twins onto seperate teams and swap them half way
    through, see if anyone notices lol

  10. TV10 HD says:

    1,176,687th viewer


  11. Syed Abdullah says:

    A man with no beard in black team looked very similar to the one in
    Are they twins?

  12. nur Hadee says:

    Tyler is so salty. I HATE salty people.

  13. Twisted Gaming says:

    What is a hot pocket?
    we don’t have them in Finland.

  14. Christal Lee says:

    I find it stupid because they want us to guess the last round but they dont
    keep the camera fixed on the jumper ??

  15. Torilinn Cwanek says:

    I have never heard the phrase “you’ll shoot your eye out”. Cody I feel for
    you. Cody is my favorite because he is tall and I am too which gives us an
    instant bond. ? Garrett is a close second because he is from Indiana and I
    live here.

  16. G says:

    Why are hot pockets supposed to be gross? I’m not from America.Please

  17. ISHUTIN says:

    Look on my channel video *WHERE I BEAT the HATERS!!!*

    *Help me to find them if you know them!!!*

  18. Mugu S says:

    runnin outta ideas eh?

  19. Falco Doge says:

    My girlfriend said i shot her eye out.

  20. The Dank says:

    another douche perfect classic