Travis Scott and Fortnite Present: Astronomical (Full Event Video)

Travis Scott and Fortnite Present: Astronomical (Full Event Video)


Astronomical is an other-worldly experience by Travis Scott and Cactus Jack’s creations, built from the ground up in Fortnite. Watch the full event experience now.

Featuring the songs:





(P) 2020 Epic Records. With Cactus Jack / Wicked Awesome.

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73 Responses

  1. Sonia's Way says:

    Marshmallow : My event was the best eve-

    Travis : Hold my microphone

  2. ph03nkz says:

    epic games: sees #ripfortnite

    travis scott: allow me to introduce myself

  3. bargish falcon says:

    Programmer:”Travis, I have made a stage for you”
    Travis:”what stage, I have an Astroworld ” 🔥

  4. solanoguz says:

    Developers: “How big you need to be during the event?”.
    Travis Scott: “Yes”.

  5. Santy Music says:

    9 Years Old Boy: Travis Scott is my favourite singer

  6. Expluh says:

    My kids who play Fortnite probably think Travis Scott’s an astronaut

  7. Royal X says:

    Epic: So how would you like your event to be?

    Travis: Facts

  8. Jodie Cairns says:

    Marshmello: fun kid concert that everyone will chill at
    Travis Scott: let’s go sicko mode

  9. Will Cronan says:

    The Transitions were something that I thought I would never see in a video game

  10. CASabi _ 12 says:

    4:10 yo, that goosebumps drop is SICK AF

  11. Mruwcool says:

    Me: Listening to Highest in the room

    My brother: Your listening to the fortnite song too??!

    Me: *awakens mangekyo sharingan*

  12. Enyuk says:

    Producer: How much drugs do you want people to think there on?

    Travis; yes

    • SheriffWaffle says:

      Lmao yall are all a bunch of little kids who haven’t done a single drug in your life. Stop saying lights and effects make you high😂

    • Gavin Johnston says:

      @Cameron David Maxwell Harris u obviously have not ever done lsd the visuals are nothing like that, dont talk like u know what ur talking abt

    • Chicc. ✓ says:

      Producer: how much lsd should I take before doing dis
      Travis: YESS

    • TuxSZN says:

      Damian Rinehart the one where you fill up side down made me dizzy

    • Gavin Johnston says:

      @Chicc. ✓ bruh this doesnt look anything like trippin on acid stop talking like u know what ur talking abt bruh

  13. tevita tanaruwai says:

    Marshmellow: “aint nobody gonna beat my live event concert”

    Travis scott: “hold my beer”

  14. Jrkchamp1031 says:

    Epic Games: “so do you want a stage for your concert or something?”
    Travis: “uh, yea lemme get the universe real quick”

  15. haran sugahfoot sanders says:

    epic games: how would you like to do this concert
    travis: you ever drink Hennessey after hitting a full blunt
    that one weird programmer: say no more

  16. Bxnji says:

    No one:

    *Epic: let’s show these kids what it’s like to be high*

  17. MMS elecTRICKbox says:

    Travis Scott: *Yes*

    Producer: bro i didnt say anything

  18. aizaz raif says:

    Epic: So I guess we’ll just put a stage somewhere over he-
    Travis: Bulls%!t hand over your whole map right now.

  19. Pedro Melo says:

    marshmallow: fortinite’s best show was mine

    Travis Scott: A friendly moment ……

  20. LilBuu2Good says:

    ngl this made me hop back on fortnite 😂

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