Travis Scott – WAKE UP

Travis Scott – WAKE UP


Directed by Jonah Hill

Travis Scott online:

Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2019 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.

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50 Responses

  1. Saijan says:

    Abel taking the whole “ghosting” thing to a new level man, my guy isn’t even showing to music video shoots now either??‍♂️

  2. scooty14 says:

    Listening to this at astroworld I felt like I was on another planet

  3. 7T££N says:

    Director: Any Ideas?

    Travis: Just Make Me Fly With Water

  4. gaynigguh 69 says:

    Producer: How many dead people do you want in the video?
    Travis: Yes

  5. Secretboy says:

    The Weeknd?? Directed by Jonah Hill??? WHAT IS GOING ON

  6. Maissa Sene says:

    Astrothunder and HOUSTONFORNICATION left and then I’m good

  7. Lemon says:

    *i understand nothing but everything at the same time.*

  8. Makhosini Siyabonga Nzima says:

    Am I the only one who waited for the weeknd’s verse???

  9. Manny K. Davies says:

    The Weeknd: I can’t be in the video
    Travis: You can’t be in the title either
    The Weeknd: Wait what

  10. Adam Linares says:

    I listened to this for the first time and because the title didn’t mention anything about the Weeknd’s feature, when his vocals came on, I was blown away.

  11. JVC says:

    director: how many colors do you want for this video?
    travis: no

  12. Cameron Elam says:

    The weeknd: *enters chat*

    Travis: it’s not what it looks like!

  13. Anthony Duenez says:

    The weeknd needs to activate his Instagram again (like if you agree)

  14. Ganxg Flush says:

    Me: already singing The Weeknds verse

    Video: not this time

  15. Alana N. says:

    directed by jonah hill????? this guy is doing great things!

  16. Jordy Lamar says:

    This how many people are a true OG Travis fan


  17. Nathan Fromthesouth says:

    Probably the first Travis Scott video that didn’t make me feel like I was on coke with all them god danm effects

  18. That dank guy says:

    Abel: “so when we shooting the video?”
    Travis: “it’s done”

  19. gersQn says:

    The Weeknd : Am I going to be in the music video ?

    Travis : *well yes but no*

  20. MTrider says:

    2:16 I was like “uuhh you decide if I live or … Wait, what?”

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