Trevor Noah Rides a Pain Rollercoaster While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Trevor Noah Rides a Pain Rollercoaster While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Trevor Noah is a world-renowned standup comedian and the host of the Emmy-award winning The Daily Show on Comedy Central. He’s also written a book, Born a Crime, which is a New York Times best seller. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the South African comic boldly faces off against the wings of death. Along the journey, he discusses the advice he got from Jon Stewart, breaks down the joys of biltong, and explains the one thing that connects us all as humans.

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37 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    Did you catch Sean on The Tonight Show doing Hot Ones with Jimmy Fallon and Selena Gomez? Check it out here:

    • Gregg B says:

      Ask Questions piss of racist.

    • Gregg B says:

      Joshua Visser pure jealousy.

    • SIR BUCKEYE says:

      Need to make them wet they be too dry … Usually on all shows the Wings be dry looking with dry sauce look … Need to be freshly sauced … Do something about it

    • Maximilian PabonYoung says:

      idc you can hate on all the jerky of the world but you have to try KRAVE jerky its puts all common place jerky to shame try that jerky mr. Noah aand if doesnt change your mind ill allow it

    • Zod Sinclair says:

      PLEASE GET________Emilia Clarke!!!!

  2. Julie L says:

    Thank you for reusing Seth’s Rogen laugh 14:52 ????

  3. Alex Willens says:

    Somehow it was one of the chillest episodes but also dynamic

  4. R.G. Etienne says:

    No milk, no water, no sweat (until the hiccups).
    Man that was impressive.

  5. Rainbowner Ladybounce says:

    Not sure I’ve ever had goosebumps after a speech about poop. I guess there’s a first time for anything ?‍♀️

  6. courtneee B says:

    Two of the *BEST* interviewers in the game! Almost seems as if Sean was a bit intimidated… Where were the thought provoking questions? ? Were you rushed? Still loved it tho ❤️

  7. Moxie Dawn says:

    Despite the hiccups, I think we need a wing-off between Trevor and Halle Berry.

  8. Britteny Taylor says:

    Love that story book drawing editing with the story telling!

  9. Joe Ruiz says:

    14:50 might be the most legendary moment in the show’s history

  10. Tattiana Ledon says:

    What the damn hell? Trevor got *no milk* no *sweat* and *10 wings*

  11. Ty The Healer says:

    Every time I see him on something new I can’t help but be extremely proud. I remember when no one knew him & he was trying to make a name for himself in the stand up business. Now he’s nothing but big time. Proud af of Trevor Noah ✊?

  12. Ken V. says:

    “I know that it’s against science, but in my brain, that’s how it works” – Antivaxx and Flat-Earthers

  13. Nick Crawford says:

    Biltong, the first time my South African boss offered me some homemade Biltong, with her accent, I thought she had said “bull tongue” and I was like, “Okaaaaaay, I’ll try it. But I’m not the biggest fan of tongue.”

    It was delicious!

  14. Ayse Claire Ignaline Gatore says:

    Trevor does not play with them WINGGGSSSSS lol he is just cleanning them bones 😉

  15. Nicholas Bean says:

    This would have been an excellent interview even without the wings. Great stuff!

  16. Vunene Mutarini says:

    Trevor: “me you, tonight -biltong”
    Sean: I got plans

  17. James Johnson says:

    The last dab just became the last drizzle, damn. Very impressive and good conversation to boot.

  18. Daniel • says:

    “And they never found the trophy again “???

  19. Alston Fishburne says:

    Me Watching: Oh man Trevor got that smokers cough on da bomb

    Trevor: I’m mad I got that weed cough

  20. Hansie Janse van Rensburg says:

    Shoutout to BILTONG!! spice raw dryed meat. Nothing is better!!

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