Trey Gowdy grills Jim Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Trey Gowdy grills Jim Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

In crisp lawyerly style, Trey Gowdy makes good use of his 5 minutes, questioning FBI Director Jim Comey on his astonishing “no-prosecute” recommendation for Hillary Clinton after proving “extreme carelessness” in her (and her staff’s) mishandling of classified information during her tenure as Secretary of State. Date: July 7, 2016

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20 Responses

  1. westcoastpena says:

    professional criminals don’t jail their own

  2. Swanky Butters says:

    Trey Gowdy In October 2015 Benghazi hearings he admitted to redacting parts
    of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, citing parts of the e-mails being
    “classified,” though it was later discovered that Gowdy, himself, had
    redacted the e-mails.

    “Why is HE not in jail?”

  3. into.the. woods says:

    Trey Growdy is a drama queen. Shut up… Hillary Clinton will become
    president of the US.

  4. BookemDano says:

    So the bottom line is that if Donald Trump wins the Presidency, Congress is
    going to make damn sure HE doesn’t get to take a big dump on America.
    That should teach Hillary a lesson…

  5. Harris Anne says:

    Why is criminal Killary STILL not behind bars? What kind of Clinton dirt
    does she have on Comey?
    Is Comey just scared to death that he’ll end up the the infamous Clinton
    Kill List? Mind boggling that she’s STILL not behind bars for her continual
    CORRUPTION and criminal behavior.

  6. Joe Adkinson says:

    It’s disappointing too know that the difference between “Right and Wrong”
    … on any level, is determined by ones ability to be verbally evasive in a
    politically correct manor….

    ..Shame on me and …. SHAME on all other Americans for allowing this to

  7. Jason Moore says:

    Is Trey the last good politician? I was hoping that he would run for

  8. Hal0405 says:


  9. Mark Smith says:

    The Clinton’s must have made a deal with the FBI. Some sort of back door
    scheme to sweep this under the rug. The evidence mounted against her speaks
    louder than whatever deal was made. Not sure how she can bounce back from
    this other than playing the woman card during her run. She can’t run on her

  10. Miguel Perez says:

    Fucking savage

  11. Miguel Perez says:

    How the fuck is she not in jail I go to monument and fall on it face flat
    and I’m getting detained for just touching it

  12. Section8 millionaire says:

    I’d really like to hear his response

  13. juan seegar says:

    What’s in tent ?

  14. frila lopez says:

    businesses are overpricing items looting customers thus customers go into
    debt because of overpricing,, bankers have seen the intrest rate that the
    customers will pay so bankers will continue at the the willing to pay rate
    (or so called overpriced rate of intrest ) 10 times more intrest rate than
    their normal expected selling rate, just like used car sellers who dsell
    cars at the price customers are willing to pay for and not the book price
    which is much lower than the price customers are willing to pay for

  15. Kaleb Jonathon says:

    Comey suck Hillarys cunt

  16. Link Linky says:

    This election is like a TV series since the beginning. Thanks for the
    entertainment US. Can’t wait the final episode! The next season is gonna be

  17. ExperimentWithSound says:

    She’s a spy

  18. Michael Joseph says:

    It’s bone cut dry in my opinion, the evidence is there #hillaryforprison2016

  19. intotheoceanbloo says:

    Trey Gowdy just… he just…Comey got fucking REKT in the most polite and
    clear way possible.