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55 Responses

  1. Justixn says:

    can’t believe a real human made this beat

  2. Bxrry says:

    This was Beethoven’s final product

  3. Jakub Grabowski says:

    RIP to the people that didn’t make it to listen to the whole song🪦

  4. Remko Bron says:

    This beat played when the universe was created

  5. RileyTaugor says:

    s/o to the producer

  6. SSN Santa says:

    The visuals are insane like bro

  7. GrantTheGoat says:

    it’s here

  8. Bandstand says:

    Disappointed we didn’t get to see cgi playboi knight

  9. Héctor _ says:

    RIP to all trippie fans that died before they could hear this song

  10. Stuff With Scout Fly says:

    Gotta give the remix to Mario Judah, man killed it.

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